The rest of Rick Sanchez’s rant: he decodes Fox’s ‘business model’

Rick Sanchez is in all kinds of hot water for his chip-on-the-shoulder verbal assault on Jon Stewart, who Sanchez labeled a “bigot” for constantly insulting him, before saying that “Jews run CNN,” but there’s a lot more in his rant to talk about …

Among other things, listen to the last two minutes of the interview, in which he describes CNN rival Fox News’ strategy of “getting white people angry” in order to “get them to watch more,” by demonizing “black teenagers who listen to hip-hop,” and “some hispanic who hit some white guy over the head.” It’s worth listening to the whole thing. And besides the major ethnic baggage it reveals Sanchez is carrying — and who knows what the guy has dealt with to get him there — it’s also a window into the very different ways that white and non-white people often view the world (see this story for another version of same,) even at Sanchez’s level of success. Video courtesy of Mediaite:

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4 Responses to The rest of Rick Sanchez’s rant: he decodes Fox’s ‘business model’

  1. VJ says:

    And now it’s being stated that Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN!

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  3. MarieC says:

    What a twirp. “I am a complex human being”. “If I was just the Hispanic guy who read the news on CNN… he’s upset that someone of ilk is almost as his level.”

    “I’m telling you everyone who runs CNN is like Stewart…” Oh, and the classic: my best friend was Jewish!”

    “Transparent and real”? Nah. Whiny, bigoted, thin skinned, with a great, big fat chip on his shoulder.

  4. AntiCNN says:

    Rick Sanchez is no where near Stewart’s level. Stewart has been in movies, and on television way more the Sanchez. Sanchez is a sad bastard who thinks only he came from hard times. Sanchez is lame ass fucker.

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