Attention Rick Scott: cheating’s really not a good issue for you

The St. Pete Times offers some much needed context to the now officially “overblown even more than Juan Williams is milking his firing” textgate dust-up. Short version: when you’re the king of Medicare fraud, you really aren’t the right person to be accusing other people of dishonesty…

Reprinted in full, only because it needs to be digested whole:

Alex Sink needed a memorable moment from this week’s debate, but this is not what we had in mind. The Democrat’s momentary indiscretion when she looked at a text message on a phone handed to her by a makeup artist has been blown out of proportion. Now Republican Rick Scott is airing a radio ad calling Sink a cheater for breaking debate rules and the Republican Party is calling her a liar for sticking to her reasonable explanation.

What they don’t say: Sink acknowledged the rules were inadvertently violated, never heeded the advice in the text message, did not initially know who sent it and later fired the aide who did.

But the timing could not be worse, coming in the final week of a deadlocked race for governor. Sink’s campaign reviewed the debate tape Wednesday and disputed claims that the makeup artist told her the source of the text before she read it.

Let’s not lose perspective. Sink unintentionally violated the rules and gained no advantage. Scott led a hospital company that paid $1.7 billion in fines for systematically defrauding Medicare, left with a $300 million severance package and has spent more than $60 million in family money to try to buy the Governor’s Mansion.

Who is the real cheater?

Look, I’ve been as hard on the Sink campaign as anyone, and I can’t say I think they, or really any other Democrats, with the exception of Joe Garcia, have run a really outstanding campaign this year. But Alex Sink on her worst day is miles and miles ahead of Rick Scott in both integrity and honesty. Scott didn’t look at some text message to the previous Univision debate on October 8th — he BROUGHT PILES OF NOTES, in clear contravention to the rules. That’s why he was so eager to Eddie Haskell it on CNN.

As for that radio ad, I haven’t heard it, but I think that the word for a guy of Scott’s demonstrated character, attacking the character and “cheating” of someone else, is chutzpah.

Floridians may not have the best schools in the country, but not all of us are idiots. Mr. Scott and his friends aren’t fooling everyone. People aren’t going to forget that he took the Fifth 75 times in a deposition just because some idiot tried to sneak a cellie to Ms. Sink, who it’s clear didn’t know who the text was from … because she said “I don’t know what that is” and “I don’t know who it’s from.”

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2 Responses to Attention Rick Scott: cheating’s really not a good issue for you

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  2. Christopher S. Brudy says:

    This article is to the point. Look at it this way: If McCollum had done his duty and prosecuted Scott for any of the many crimes HCA committed, McCollum would be on the ballot.
    Meanwhile, this unmitigated fraud Scott is using money stolen from senior citizen’s medical care to buy the Governor’s race.
    To top it all off, he is throwing stones at Sink from a glass house made of the fragilest crystal. The voters can see right through this charade, and you can bet the McCollum primary voters will be and have been voting for Alex Sink.
    The Tea Baggers would have Florida become the laughing stock of the nation, again.
    You can bet Governor Sink and Attorney General Gelber will be going after the numerous corruption cases resulting from Republican control of Tallahassee.

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