Thug life: Allen West’s biker boys get physical with Dem staffer

First it was Joe Miller, taking tea party thuggery to a new level by having his private security force arrest a reporter (a preview to the Brave New World of privatized police forces, schools and postal services, maybe …?) Now, tea party Florida candidate Allen West instructs a couple of his supporters, who look suspiciously like Outlaws-affiliated bikers — throw a Democratic staffer, bodily, out of one of his rallies. Watch:

And watch the NBC 6 report on the incident:

And while the goons were described as “Vietnam veterans,” you can clearly see from their signage that they are the very bikers that West has said “protected” him in the past.

The Florida Democratic party has now pulled the staffer off the West detail … due to safety concerns. And that’s a good thing. God help that kid if he runs across some Go West dude whose mind has been blown by Glenn Beck…

From the in-box:

VIDEO: Allen West Supporters, Shown Wearing Outlaws Affiliate Patches, Harass Florida Democratic Party Staffer

Citing Safety Concerns, Florida Democratic Party Removes Staffer from Campaign Trail

Just days after it was reported that Republican congressional candidate Allen West (FL-22) has ties to the Outlaws organized crime syndicate, this evening NBC in Miami reported that West recently ordered supporters, who are wearing Outlaws affiliated patches, to kick a Florida Democratic Party staffer out of a public park.  West’s directive resulted in a physical confrontation where his supporters surrounded the young staff member, threatened him, and physically knocked his camera away.

To watch NBC Miami’s story, click here.  West sparked the incident saying, “I don’t want him here. Please escort him away…So please leave!”  West’s directive and the incident in its entirety can be viewed in this video.

Some of West’s supporters who followed his directive were wearing patches of the South Florida Confederation of Clubs, a club affiliated with the Outlaws. NBC Nightly News has previously reported on West’s link to the Outlaws, which the Justice Department has said produces and distributes methamphetamine, and engages in other criminal activities including arson, homicide, and prostitution.  The Florida Outlaws website touts its ties to the SFLCOC and “Wheels on the Road,” a magazine that promotes the Outlaws where West has been a long time contributor.  They also promote the Keltics motorcycle club, who West credits for inviting him to a biker rally at the center of his controversial affiliation with the Outlaws.

Following these disturbing incidents,  the Florida Democratic Party has removed a young campaign staff member from the trail due to safety concerns.

“This is an unbelievably disturbing incident that shows how extreme and menacing Allen West is and how dangerous some of West’s supporters are,” Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff said. “The party feels that if we continue to attend Allen West’s public appearances, we will be endangering the safety of our staff. The fact that Allen West thinks the basic campaign activity of filming a public figure in a public park warrants physical intimidation is unacceptable and outrageous. South Floridians deserve better.”

“Allen West has a lot of explaining to do,” Jotkoff said.


The SFLCOC insignia is seen in footage from a West campaign event, 0:48 seconds in to the report.  [NBC Miami, 10/18/10]

SFLCOC has ties to the Outlaws organized crime syndicate; the Outlaws are represented on the SFLCOC Executive Board. According to the SFLCOC’s website, the executive board consists of members from various motorcycle clubs. Including the States MC, the US Military Vets MC, Fiasco Bro’s MC, and the AOA South Florida, which is represented by Denny 1%er. The AOA South Florida is an acronym for American Outlaws Association. [SFLCOC website, Executive Board, 9/25/10; Florida Outlaws website]

The Florida Outlaws also promote the Keltics, another affiliate, who West credits for inviting him to a biker rally at the center of his controversial affiliation with the Outlaws. [Palm Beach Post, 10/16/10]

Allen West’s ties to the Outlaws were previously documented by NBC World News tonight. West was confronted by NBC News’ Lisa Myers with emails he personally wrote.  When the Outlaws were referred to as criminals, Allen West wrote back “please no more references to ‘criminal’ … I was never more amazed by how members of the Outlaws guarded me.” [NBC News, 10/15/10]

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  4. MIami Mike says:

    These “Biker Goons” as you put it are the Leathernecks MC who also were in a few photos with liar and hypocrite, Ron Klein at a local cemetery a few weeks before that. See those photos at this link:
    The Leathernecks MC are all former Marines and are in NO WAY connected with the Outlaw or any other club for that matter. (This is my only response)

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  6. pub says:

    Why didn’t you write about it when they were harassing West, b*tch?

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