Today’s Herald column: the politicians we deserve (plus: nasty email of the day)

Rick Scott wanted to turn Medicare over to private companies; companies like his $1.7 billion Medicare fraud pioneer, Columbia/HCA

I’ve already gotten lots of responses on this, so thanks to everyone who emailed or Tweeted. I’ve tried to respond to as many as I can, but am getting a bit overwhelmed. (The only column that got more response was the one on the NY mosque, and a belated thanks to all who emailed me about that one.) Here’s the link to today’s Herald column. Meanwhile, I got only a couple of negative emails, but this one will give you an idea of what I deal with. From the in-box …

You list the Republicans inheriting, running companies into the ground, manipulating their way to the top, and no Democrat examples ?
Ms. Reid ?
You could have at least listed the Obama person, inheriting a Great Nation, running companies into the ground, and who manipulated his way to the top by being the consummate deceiver.

If pride, or proud of as you put it matters, why is virtually, every Democratic candidate running from the presence of the Liar in Chief ?
Not proud of Him ?

Jesus, take the wheel. Where to begin? President Obama inherited a Great Recession, from what I remember, and my email friend didn’t bother to name the companies the president “ran into the ground” — in fact, the only companies Mr. Obama has had any hand in “running” were the big auto manufacturers his administration saved from oblivion. And the rest? Well, it’s pretty much right wing boilerplate.

I actually feel sorry for people like this emailer, who can’t really get beyond whatever sound bytes are poured into their little heads by Rush and Beck. They don’t even bother to think it through. Just tap, click, send.

And God help us, they’re voting. I sure as hell hope that we’re voting too.

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