Two of a kind? Altered docs let Rick Scott’s running-mate qualify for city program

Rick Scott and his LG pick: State Rep. Jennifer Carroll.

They say birds of a feather … and with a hat tip to TPM, word from the Florida Times-Union that like her running mate Rick Scott, Jennifer Carroll might have a little fraud in her portfolio…

Altered documents filed with Jacksonville City Hall in 2006 helped Jennifer Carroll’s consulting firm appear eligible for a city program that annually gives out tens of millions of dollars in city contracts to small businesses, a Florida Times-Union investigation has found.

Carroll, 51, is the running mate of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott. Before that, she was a member of the Florida House, from Clay County, for seven years.

When the city reviewed Carroll’s application for the Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business program, it included lease documents that were altered to show her firm was eligible because it had a Duval County address. That address belonged to an empty office space.

Carroll also submitted a lease in 2006 that showed her business had been at that address since 2002. She told the Times-Union on Friday night that the lease was created in 2006 during the time she was applying for the program.

Ultimately, her consulting firm, JC and 3N, was approved for the program from early 2007 until May. The company never tried to obtain city contracts. …

And yes, there is FBI. Read on.

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2 Responses to Two of a kind? Altered docs let Rick Scott’s running-mate qualify for city program

  1. I say we pass a bill that sets a max of $250 per person, entity etc, per cycle, for any contribution to any entity, candidate, etc that spends money on anything that could be reasonably considered political. All of which must be reported in the same manner as campaigns report. This will shift the balance of power, I believe!

  2. williamsh says:

    These people have no shame. Rick Scott and the rest of them should be doing jail time. Whats even more bizarre and scarier than Rick Scott….is that there are actually people supporting him.

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