UPDATE: Meek campaign confirms Clinton asked Meek to drop out, Meek to face media at 9:30

H/T to Peter Schorsch:

A spokesman for Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek has confirmed that President Bill Clinton raised the possibility of Meek getting out of Florida’s race for U.S. Senate.

Dave Hoffman said “that was discussed, yeah,” but Hoffman denied that Meek had ever agreed to drop out.

Hoffman said he could not characterize what Clinton said, but then said, “I think ’suggest’ is probably the best … not ’suggest’ … but that (getting out) was discussed yeah.”

Hoffman said the issue was raised as, “Hey, if you want to do this … That was more of the nature of the conversation.”

Hoffman said Meek “never agreed to drop out” and was committed to fighting through Election Day.

So about those previous denials

Meek will hold a press conference tonight at 9:30 in his home base of Miami Gardens. Can’t wait for that…

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