(Video) Thug Life 2: Rand Paul supporter stomps on head of MoveOn rep

First Joe Miller has his private police army dudes arrest a reporter, and now this:

It was an ugly scene outside the Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate in Kentucky last night, as a scuffle led to a female MoveOn.org representative getting tackled to the ground and having her head stomped on my an older male Rand Paul supporter.

The rep went to the hospital, the culprit hasn’t been caught and the Paul campaign has responded. This race is getting weirder by the day.

The woman, Lauren Valle, tried to give Paul a fake Employee of the Month award for an organization MoveOn created that connects the GOP and business. But her wig was pulled off, she was tackled, and one man stepped on her head. “These supporters are not very nice to me and my message,” said Valle. “I got myhead stepped on, so i have a bit of a headache.”

TPM reports, as of last night, “Valle is in the hospital and [MoveOn] awaiting word on her condition.”

Mediaite has the video:
Politico has the response from the Paul campaign.

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