Whitman’s former nanny: ‘I totally believe Nikki’

On the left: Nicandra Diaz-Santillan, former housekeeper, and on the right, Meg Whitman, who now has a Nikki Diaz problem.

More trouble for Meg Whitman, as her former nanny steps forward to say she believes housekeeper Nikki Diaz’s story about working illegally with full knowledge of Whitman and her husband, and she calls the former Ebay CEO “cheap.” Ouch!

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Jill Armstrong says she has good reason to accept Mexican housekeeper Nicandra Diaz Santillan’s tale of working in the household of GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman – because Armstrong herself was a domestic for the former eBay CEO.

“I totally believe” Diaz, Armstrong, 59, of Mountain View, said in an interview with The Chronicle. “I know the family. I know what it was like.”

Diaz, an undocumented immigrant, on Wednesday publicly recounted her story of long hours and unpaid work for Whitman, charging that she was fired in June 2009 after nine years on the job after asking the gubernatorial candidate for help in getting legal immigration status.

Whitman has said she did not know Diaz was an illegal immigrant and was forced to let her go when she learned about it.

Armstrong, who worked for Whitman and her husband, Griff Harsh, during the summer of 1998, produced her W-2 form from that year, which reflects her stint as a full-time nanny for Whitman. Her hiring was confirmed by Palo Alto-based Town and Country Resources, the employment agency that placed Diaz with Whitman two years later.

Armstrong said she quit after about two months because of the demands and difficulties of the job.

“I had enough,” she said in an interview, describing trouble getting paid what she believed she was owed, and challenges in dealing with household chores and in supervising Whitman’s two young sons.

Campaign responds

Tucker Bounds, spokesman for Whitman, called Armstrong’s complaints “the unsubstantiated claims of a lone employee who worked in the Whitman household for just a few weeks 12 years ago.” …

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One Response to Whitman’s former nanny: ‘I totally believe Nikki’

  1. Richard says:

    I think Meg needs to do like Christine O’Donnell and make an “I”m not a witch” advertisemnt.

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