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(Video) Joy on MSNBC with Cenk Uygur: talking ‘bipartisanship’

ICYMI: My appearance yesterday on MSNBC in the lead-up to today’s Obama-GOP summit.

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Sign of the Cavepocalypse? Geithner to lead WH tax cut talks

If it’s not enough that Max Baucus, the bain of the left’s existence during the healthcare debate, is in charge of negotiating an extension of unemployment benefits, the story on who will lead White House negotiations with Republicans on what … Continue reading

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Get to know a tea partyer: ‘the unemployed are lazy,’ deserve to ‘starve, die…’

A story in The Hill about attempts by Democrats to extend unemployment benefits attracted some interesting comments, which give you a window into the thinking of the tea party crowd:

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Wikileaks’ next target: a ‘major bank’

Well, it beats screwing up the State Department…

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What’s the point? Obama to finally meet with GOP

Having been forced to reset the meeting to a time and place of his opponents’ choosing, President Obama will finally sit down with Republican leaders today, to make a show of bipartisanship, or something…

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Taking on the mean girl: O’Donnell, Scarborough go after Sarah Palin

With the media continuing to adore her, reality TV beckoning her entire family — Kardashian style — and most of the GOP terrified to take her on (Karl Rove is so terrified of her minions, he will only do it … Continue reading

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John Dean on Palin: ‘all of Nixon’s negatives without the intellect’

Dean takes on not just the media darling celebrity image hawker herself, but also the overall issue of “dumbing down” the presidency, which has sadly been the norm for a generation. A clip:

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Wikileaked: cables reveal Iran plotting, diplo spying

UPDATE: Ooops. Turns out the New York Times got their scoop … from the Guardian … Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directing U.S. envoys to spy on allied diplomats … wheeling and dealing over Gitmo detainees, and Gulf states pushing … Continue reading

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Gaming the lame duck

What can get done in the lame duck session of Congress that re-opens today? Which party will win the message war? Which party will win the legislative war? And will the Senate continue to be the Democrats’ dream-killer? Here are … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: Reagan budget director slams GOP ‘theology’ of tax cuts

On “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Ronald Reagan’s former budget director, David Stockman, slammed his party’s fiscal recklessness, saying they’ve misread Reagan’s legacy and “destroyed the last vestige of fiscal responsibility” in the Republican Party by adopting an almost religious devotion to … Continue reading

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