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The Age of Orange

Republicans are poised to go from a 77 seat minority in the U.S. House of Representatives to a 37-seat majority in what is looking like the slowest wave in recorded history. Behold, the Age of Orange.

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Florida doubles down, Rubio rising, and whither the state Democratic Party (and Charlie Crist)?

The numbers aren’t all crunched yet, but when the smoke clears on the 2010 Florida election, it appears that Rick Scott will be governor, with open Medicare fraud issues still on the table and a potential scandal already waiting for … Continue reading

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Gulp … Get your TRR Election 2010 predictions here

Okay, here we go… enjoy (or hate) and we’ll see if I’m right at poll closing time. Short version: I think it might not be as big a tsunami as Republicans are hoping for. The idea that Republicans are going … Continue reading

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Blogsurfing: An ill wind blowing through the Sunshine State?

What’s percolating on the Florida blogs this morning? Over at SaintPetersblog, Peter Schorsch breaks down the bad, very bad, nasty numbers facing Democrats in the I-4. Read them here, but only while sitting down, preferably with a good, stiff drink. … Continue reading

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From Politico: the story behind the Clinton-Meek intervention

Politico’s Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Allen dig deeper into the delicate operation that they say began as early as this spring, in which the White House, fresh from trying to intervene to head off challenges to Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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10 Lessons Democrats can learn from the midterms (part 2)

Yesterday, I brought you five lessons Democrats can learn from today’s elections, no matter what the outcome. I realize that the two dominant emotions today are irrational triumphalism (on the right) and equally irrational demoralization (on the left). But in … Continue reading

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