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He’s baaaack! Keith Olbermann to return to MSNBC Tuesday

Here’s the statement from Phil Griffin that moved Sunday night, courtesy of the outfit that started all this: Politico: “After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an … Continue reading

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Easy, Clarence … read the exit polls

My friend Clarence McKee, and I call him my friend because I really do like him, and even moreso his wife, who I used to work with, is one of those black Republicans who are over the moon at Jennifer … Continue reading

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The TRR interview: how Rick Scott became Gollum

With Florida voters doubling down on the forces of doom, and with the most right wing government since the 19th century headed to Tallahassee in January, TRR sat down with blogger Joy-Ann Reid (who would probably be in her basement … Continue reading

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(Video) Why we lose: Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Glenn Greenwald

The “professional left” as repped by Greenwald couldn’t seem to agree with a liberal … sorry, Socialist … and D.C. knowledge bank like Lawrence O’Donnell about the meaning of the midterms, or about how to win back, and defend, a … Continue reading

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Read this: the way forward in Florida

I promise I’m going to stop posting about the election… I promise I’m going to stop posting about the election … I promise I’m going to stop posting about the election. But first, if you are a Democrat in Florida, … Continue reading

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What Gollum will learn in Tallahassee

Poor Gollum. Having wrestled his “precious” off Frodo’s bloodied finger (which to him surely means precious immunity from investigation and/or prosecution for his latest bout with Medicare fraud, and an eye into ridiculous profits for his Solantic clinics if he … Continue reading

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