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Happy holidays, unemployed persons! With love from the GOP

Democrats failed on Thursday to pass an emergency extension of unemployment benefits for three more months, with the House vote falling short of the two-thirds required to pass.

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Restless Dems begin plotting Obama work-arounds for 2012

With big battles ahead for the White House and the lame duck Congress on everything from unemployment benefits to tax cuts to the DREAM Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the START treaty, multiple reports suggest some Democrats are growing … Continue reading

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Palin PR team intervenes? Bristol apologizes for her and Willow’s Facebook tirade

Team Palin won’t let a few cuss-words come between Bristol and that DWTS trophy:

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Thursday clicks: Government Motors chugging along, American pessimism and Grayson’s last stand

The new NBC/WSJ poll shows most Americans think the worst is behind us for the economy, but the worst is yet to come for so-called “bipartisanship” in Washington. (And as for that much-hyped majority who want Congress rather than the … Continue reading

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Ailes unplugged: Obama a Socialist, NPR run by Nazis, Jon Stewart ‘crazy’ (but Fox still ‘fair and balanced!’)

The breathless fawning of Colby Hall and the other Fox apologists at Mediaite aside, no serious person believes any more that Fox “News” is either a news channel, or a source of “fair and balanced” information. But what Fox is, … Continue reading

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