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In the states: GOP control puts women, students, the poor in crosshairs

Kansas to become an “abortion free zone” … states enacting “covenant marriages” that are near impossible to leave … privatized Medicaid that allows HMOs to function as literal “death panels” and more. Glimpse the future — one that could be … Continue reading

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President elbowed in basketball game, gets 12 stitches

If you’re bracing yourself for the racist Limbaugh b-ball jokes, nasty (and/or racist) comments under pretty much any story on this online, and the Sarah Palin snide, you’re paying attention.

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Rush Limbaugh’s big, fat, dumb Thanksgiving attack on Native Americans (now with bonus John Stossel stupid)

Some day, someone at Clear Channel will say enough is enough, and put their foot down about the increasingly blatant racism, crudeness and just plain stupidity coming out of the drug-addled mouth of Rush Limbaugh. But that is not this … Continue reading

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