Blogsurfing: An ill wind blowing through the Sunshine State?

What’s percolating on the Florida blogs this morning?

Over at SaintPetersblog, Peter Schorsch breaks down the bad, very bad, nasty numbers facing Democrats in the I-4. Read them here, but only while sitting down, preferably with a good, stiff drink. Oh, and the answer to the question: is Dave Aronberg the last man standing? … is yes.

Meanwhile, Charlie Crist does the full Obama monte, going from “the hug” to distancing himself from “the hug” to “yes we can!” Unfortunately for Charlie, it’s looking increasingly like “no, we can’t.

Over to The Buzz, where we’re treated to a cool history lesson. Always welcome in my world. Meanwhile, Charlie Crist heads to South Florida to do a little poachng, and Yolly Roberson ponders good and evil

At Naked Politics, we get Bill Clinton teeing off on behalf of Florida Dems, and NP tries their hand at FiveThirtyEight-style vote crunching. Very dangerous territory, I think, and pronounces Rick Scott to be leading the balloting by 100,000 votes.

To the Palm Beach Post, where the operative word (also from The Future, Mr. Aronberg) is “Florissippi.” Plus, Charlie Crist on the “covert campaign,” Rubio laps up the international media adoration, and Kendrick Meek dials “Florida 911.”

To the Orlando Sentinel’s blog, where the really scary thing to Hispanic children, Mr. Scott, is you. And while we’re in the post-Halloween spirit, more spooky numbers for Democrats.

Question of the day: yes, I know the Florida press corps is gaga over Marco Rubio, but can a guy at 45 percent really have “coat tails?”

At the FPC Blog and at the Daily Kos, Kenny Quinnell makes his best case for voting, and voting D.

Am I missing anything? Put it in comments or drop me an email. If your link doesn’t post right away, no worries. I’ll log on and moderate linked posts throughout the day.

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3 Responses to Blogsurfing: An ill wind blowing through the Sunshine State?

  1. trueservice says:

    hope you follow-up on Meek’s real reason for breaking his commitment to withdraw from the race and and publicly blamed Charlie and even leak to the media a call made to him by Charlie in response to his?doesn’t Meek’s action give a new meaning to the word sleaze?

  2. Al Dente says:

    Desperate Charlie Crist gets caponized and will run as a woman – SHOCKING story at:

    Peace! :-)

  3. Flo says:

    TS… Meek committed to withdraw from the race?? And when was secret deal made? Let alone broken?

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