Burning questions and political links: Lisa, Lisa, Lisa

Burning question: Lisa Murkowski just made history. Why isn’t SHE the most talked about Republican woman in America, and an instant short-lister for a White House run? Just askin…

And guess where Lisa is headed to tout her victory Wednesday night? To MSNBC, though Lawrence O’Donnell is out, so she’ll be talking with Chris Hayes.

Meanwhile, the Alaska GOP tries to talk down the crazy guy with the private security army.

Amid all the right wing sturm and drang over former Gitmo detainee Ahmed Ghailani’s acquittal on hundreds of terrorism charges and conviction on just one, something is being missed by the hysterics on the right: he’s still getting 20 years in prison despite a jury finding him guilty of nothing more than conspiracy. There are no guaranteed outcomes in a system of justice that’s not taking place in a banana republic, folks… oh, right… we’re becoming that, too.

Another question: is this the beginning of Scott Brown’s path to survival in the 2012 re-elect? Co-authors with Democrat Ron Wyden, an earlier state opt-out to the healthcare mandate that’s actually interesting, and might be a good idea.

Bipartisan outrage? Dick Lugar slams his own caucus on their purely partisan START obstruction.

What? No “stop the spending” tea party Republicans want to join the appropriations committee? Whatever could be the problem???

And with Boehner and Cantor also sailing into status quo elections, Politico, fresh off their Obama meeting “ambush” farce, manages to find five reasons the Nancy Pelosi re-election makes sense for Democrats.

From Greg Sargent, Diane Feinstein joins the “solo vote on middle class tax cuts” caucus.

Change we can believe in? Quietly, the feds have launched criminal probes of 50 bankers involved in the financial collapse.

And since the Republicans want to make a show of dissing the POTUS, the Dems and the prez will meet on their own on Thursday. Good for them.

We have one taker on the Crowley “don’t take government healthcare benefits if you oppose government run healthcare” challenge. (But the “Dude, where’s my Obamacare” guy, Rep. Andy Harris, doubles down.)

We also have a new, bolder Harry Reid. He’s pushing for solo votes on the DREAM Act and DADT repeal, with the full support of the White House (so does that mean Lt. Dan Choi can stop chaining himself to stuff, or at least let the much more dignified Lt.Col. Fehrenbach take the media lead…?)

And now that Roger Ailes has told us who Fox “News” is, can we now start believing him? (I see you, Mediaite!)

Also trending: is George Soros turning on Obama, or does he, like a lot of liberals, just want the president to fight back harder (or at least allow his supporters to take the gloves off?)

Google never forgets: the NY Daily News initially thought they had a “bipartisan bombshell” on their hands when the White House announced the honorees for the Medal of Freedom:

Wishful thinking, perhaps? Well at least they got it right in the corrected story.

No surprise here: half of Congress are millionaires (some many times over) and it is thy who will be deciding whether to borrow another $700 billion from China to give themselves never-ending low taxes.

Meanwhile, John Podesta and the Center for American Progress offer some sound advice to the president on things he can do, using his executive authority alone, on behalf of the rest of us.

And last but not least, this one’s for all the women who voted GOP two weeks ago.

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