Get to know a tea partyer: ‘the unemployed are lazy,’ deserve to ‘starve, die…’

A story in The Hill about attempts by Democrats to extend unemployment benefits attracted some interesting comments, which give you a window into the thinking of the tea party crowd:

Happy holidays!

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10 Responses to Get to know a tea partyer: ‘the unemployed are lazy,’ deserve to ‘starve, die…’

  1. Rupert says:

    Well sure; all the people in that photo are black.

    P.S. Give me my tax cut!!

  2. Ronbo says:

    Be kind. They know not what they are doing. Fear has attached to them and they strike out at every phantom, every fear, everyone who is not them. They would kill their grandmother to keep from paying her $2700 retirement home costs. Ignorance has engulfed and spoiled them for all but FOXMews. They are lost and desire to be so.

  3. Umemployed Lazy Person says:

    Thanks- I have worked hard for 35 years and am now being called lazy. Talk about a slap in the face. Not only facing depression for losing my job but then to be called lazy. Every job interview I have been too I was told 170 people have applied. I can’t even get a part time position because I am over qualified. Three people have committed suicide in my community in the last month. So yes, if all us unemployed people die….than that will free all the working people from this problem. Let me starve, I deserve it. I caused this problem right because I am lazy and won’t get a job. The holidays are very depressing . I’ll be thinking about all the employed people having a joyous holiday with their family….as for me, it may be my turn to check out so I am not a burden anymore on society.

  4. jreid says:

    To the previous commenter, take heart. And please do not talk about “checking out.” Your value is not in your employment, especially to your family and friends who care about you. Some of us out here still know that, and are fighting for you. I have to believe that somehow, someone in Washington still has compassion, and will make sure that you and the millions of other Americans like you will get the help you earned over years of hard work.

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  6. hilda banks says:

    Well, it’sonly bad when the shoe is on the other guy’s foot but when it is on your foot it is a whole different story. How could people be so heartless? This is why the country is being f—– the way it is. I guess this is what they meant when they said they wanted their country back. You have it and I hope you are happy.

  7. Brian J. Rose says:

    I feel sorry for, and forgive their arrogance, any buckwheat a…hole who thinks the down-trodden in this country… as well as many others, should starve to death. I would not wish starvation even on Bin-Laden. Blame the economic crisis, which brings about lay-off decisions from employers. Including, closing business doors.. To the people making these negative comments about the unemployed, I will not wish you starvation. I will not wish you eviction from society. I will wish that the company you work for goes down. Maybe your job will be sent to Mexico, or Brazil, or China. Maybe (I hope) your industry suffers the results of your bad voting practices practices.Voting for politicians who are only intertested in fillig their pockets and dreams. Voting for politicians that have friends with the same EMPTY pockets they have. The same unfullfilled dreams. When NAFTA was engaged, economic and unemployment problems ensued (check your records DUMB-ASH!!). Those probles worsened wil every free trade agreement implemented, DUMB-ASH.

  8. Brian J. Rose says:

    If there are more unemployed than jobs available, then there is a problem… Dumb_ash.

  9. Brian J. Rose says:

    Before idiots complain about persons sucking of the system, perhaps they should consult ALL of the figures available, instead of their own spoiled, limited, DUMB-ASH, pea BUCKING brainless ideas. This is not a perfect society, and the comments I’ve read proves that. When their is no compasion, their is only selfishness, which is not fertile to society. Should we only look out for #1???????????????????? We live in a society… LET US pretend we know that… DUMBMOTHETBUCKINGSIVERTOUNGUEDSILVERSPOONEDPOLICTICALSPITONTHOSEBELOWMEASHBUCKINGWIPEBUCKWHEATMOTHERCHUCKERS>

  10. Brian J. Rose says:

    ’nuff said? or you want more?

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