Hypocrite: cost slashing NJ governor lived big on public dime

U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie talks to the media about Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James. James was indicted on charges that he used city-issued credit cards to spend lavishly on himself and female companions, and on additional charges for fraudulent land deals.Newark, NJ 7/12/07 NOAH K. MURRAY/THE STAR-LEDGER

Add Chris Christie to the Marco Rubio Hall of “Ironically Big Spending Fiscal Conservatives.” It seems that when he was attorney general, the cost-slashing pol many Republicans (and many in the media) would like to see run for president, didn’t live his core beliefs. Do tell …

From the Philadelphia Enquirer:

Gov. Christie, while serving as U.S. attorney, billed taxpayers for luxury hotels on trips and routinely failed to follow federal travel regulations, according to a report released Monday.

The report, released by the U.S. Department of Justice’s inspector general, found that while many U.S. attorneys and their subordinates approved their own travel and expenses, the vast majority complied with the approved government lodging rate.

However, the investigation found, “a small number of U.S. attorneys routinely exceeded the government rate, by large amounts, with insufficient, inaccurate, or no justification.”

The report does not name any individuals, but the Associated Press identified Christie as “U.S. Attorney C” in the report, based on a comparison of details in the report and public records of Christie’s travel expenses released under the Freedom of Information Act during his campaign for governor.

Christie, who spent recent weeks campaigning for fellow Republicans across the country and has been hailed by conservatives as a possible candidate for national office, declined Monday to respond to the report. His communications office referred reporters to comments he made in 2009, when the campaign of his opponent, then-Gov. Jon S. Corzine, obtained Christie’s travel documents.

Christie said at the time that he stayed in more expensive hotels only when cheaper ones were not available.


Of the 208 individuals who served as U.S. attorneys during the period reviewed by the office of Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, from 2007 to 2009, five “exhibited a noteworthy pattern of exceeding the government rate and whose travel documentation provided insufficient, inaccurate, or no justification for the higher lodging rates.”

… According to the report, Christie exceeded the government rate without adequate justification the most often as a percentage of travel. The investigation found that he submitted 23 vouchers including reimbursement for lodging from 2007 to 2009, of which 15, or 65 percent, exceeded the government rate. The inspector general found insufficient justification for 14 of the 15 cases.

Together, the vouchers exceeded the government rate by $2,176. Twelve of the 14 vouchers involved one case.

… During one stay in Washington, for example, Christie stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel at a cost of $475 per night, more than double the government rate of $233 per night, justifying the cost by explaining that he was scheduled to speak at the hotel early in the morning.

The report also took note of Christie’s reimbursements for transportation to and from airports. In Boston, for example, to travel a distance of four miles, he arranged for car service that cost $236 round-trip, instead of a taxi. And in London, car service between the airport and a hotel cost taxpayers $562 for a round trip.

Christie declined to be interviewed by the Inspector General’s Office, but provided a letter stating that he was unable to provide “any other specific information” to supplement the travel documentation.

“Most of the justification memoranda that we found simply stated that the government rate was unavailable, but provided no substantiation for this claim,” the report says. “In four cases, there was no justification memorandum at all.”

Maybe Senator-elect Marco Rubio, who turned big spending on donor credit cards into tea party gold, could run as Chris’ V.P. … as long as the 12 disciples get to come along…

According to the Reagan Library … I mean Politico … Christie’s big spending came up a bit during his run for governor, but like Rubio, he sailed on by.

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5 Responses to Hypocrite: cost slashing NJ governor lived big on public dime

  1. Pat says:

    Well, those that voted his ass in, will deserve what they get… which will be…NOTHING much!!!

  2. Flo says:

    Don’t know why you changed the headline. I liked “Hippo…..crite.”

  3. jreid says:

    I know, Flo, I liked it too, but I kind of felt bad about the fat joke. Decided to play nice.

  4. hilda banks says:

    It is so sad that Republicans are such hypocrits. What is wrong with the public that bad behavior is always rewarded?It seems as though everybody has already closed the book on President Obama. Everybody hates Barack but he has one loyal supporter and that’s me. I am so thankful that I can think outside the box, that I am not a sheep being led to slaughter, that I donot vote anger and frustration but I always try to see the big picture and as depressed as I was on Wed, 11/3, I still think President Obama will prevail in 2012. Of course, if it were me I don’t think I could take another four years of the fickle public, but that’s the big difference he is not me. God bless the Obama family.

  5. Flo says:

    You have a concience. That’s okay. I thought maybe some fat elephants complained.

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