In Florida, the unthinkable

Congratulations, Florida. This is your new governor. And you’ve elected David Rivera and Allen West, too. Nice job, people.

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  1. I am crying for my state and my country.This is like I was given a job that takes 8 hours to do and was then fired after I didn't do it in 2. I can only hope the next few years will force a wake-up. —- Colors on your wall:

  2. Brenda Kay says:

    Joy, as shocked as I am by Allen West getting elected. I would like to read your thoughts on Kendrick Meeks remaining in the race, even though every pre-election poll showed him trailing in third place. Do you think Rubio would have won if Meeks had dropped out last week?

  3. Flo says:

    Look at how many people early vote. Meek (not Meeks) would have had to drop out weeks ago to help Crist. He couldn’t be removed from the ballot, and many Democrats would not have voted for Crist anyway, for various reasons.

    If Scott is the apparent winner, I’m sure bland old McCollum would have won big; yesterday was a very red day in statewide races. At least I still have a Democratic Congresswoman.

  4. Joy says:

    @Brenda: I think that Crist could have beaten Rubio had Meek (no “s”, btw) gotten out. But I also think the clumsy way the deal was done — or rather not done — wound up depressing turnout and hurting Alex Sink. I think Meek will ultimately be blamed for this, though there’s plenty of blame to go around.

    @Flo: doesn’t do much good to have a Dem Congresswoman now, sadly.

  5. A for FL says:

    What did the Dems in was their abject failure to get people to vote in their “stronghold” counties. Obama got 492,640 votes in Broward in 2008. In 2010, Sink got 262,732. In 2008, Palm Beach County delivered 361,271 to Obama. In 2010, Sink got 216,438. Percentages for Dems vs. GOP were slightly higher in 2010, but only by 2-3%

    That’s roughly a 280,000 vote swing. If Sink could have gotten a mere 20% of those people to vote, she’d be the winner.

    I know there is fall off in mid-term elections, but these counties didn’t even crack 40% – counties that went for Scott were more in the 45%-50% range.

  6. Paul Bellerose says:

    Meek not removing himself from the ballot had NOTHING to do with wether Crist would have won or lost! ASSuming the voters would have cast their votes for Crist instead of Meek is totally unfounded. Most voters would have not voted for Crist UNDER ANY circumstances……because he lost the primary in his own party and just side-stepped what the voters were trying to tell him! We said we would get the incumbents OUT and we accomplished that goal. All you Sunday quarterbacks can come up with whatever explanation you can dream of but the fact remains we are starting fresh again….Just remember this…”Vote for change” in 2008 is what got us here in the first place, and if this doesn’t work we can make more changes again in 2012!!!!!!!

  7. Gio says:

    My sadness is the fact that we lash out at the wrong people and blamed the wrong people for this mess. Now we have to live with the consequences of our general actions.

    My concerns are not if red or blue won, but rather, did WE as a state and country win?

    1. Pensions–now, with a Red team from top to bottom, teachers, police, fire, EMS, and all state employees, who have devoted their life saving for retirement, will be at risk as this was part of the campaign promise. It is ridiculous to think that we make tons of money! EVERY study out there shows that government employees make much less than Private sector employees! That we are forced to save into our pension is perk we learn to live with, and maybe it should be mandatory to those in the private sector to be forced to put into their retirement too! Besides, read any report that says, that the pension fund, which is overseen by the Governor, CFO and Attorney General will really lose the billions that Sink was wrongly accused of losing. The market did this and not Sink! One thing that was never mentioned however, is that during the duration of the campaign, all the money lost in the market has been replaced and then some! Now with the desire to privatize our pension which is among the best run in the country, any truning event that will affect the stocks, will certainly affect the pensions. You think we have a poor education system now and that the Fire/Police/EMS response is lacking, wait until less services are provided because we have nobody working due to poor paying conditions!

    2. It saddens me to hear people referring to God or thanking Him for their win, when he would be dissapointed in the record that these red winners have, from fraud, theft, extramarital affairs, sexual misconduct allegations, homosexual tendencies and hypocracy, etc, all this is against the teaching of the Sacred books regardless of your practicing faith. It says somewhere to help those that are in greatest need and to fight against some socialist program that help those less fortunate (healthcare) and not the others (social security and Medicare/medicaid) is simply hypocritical! wait, that is fround upon by the Sacred books too!
    It is sad that people voted their party loyalty over the ISSUES!!! Now, I better not hear any complaints because I will gladly tell you ” I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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