John Dean on Palin: ‘all of Nixon’s negatives without the intellect’

Dean takes on not just the media darling celebrity image hawker herself, but also the overall issue of “dumbing down” the presidency, which has sadly been the norm for a generation. A clip:

While Palin clearly has the outsized personality and ego that are necessary for a person to want to attain the highest office in the land, she is conspicuously lacking in presidential skills. If she could get the GOP nomination without a fight, or with just a little fracas, she would take it. But she has yet to show the stuff that is truly needed to win a nomination.

More importantly, too, Palin has shown — as several Nixon biographers have mentioned to me since she entered the political arena in 2008 — a decidedly Nixonian nature. But as one historian, who understands Nixon well, noted, Palin has “all Nixon’s downsides without his upside, because she lacks his knowledge and intellect.”

And Dean’s larger point is even more important:

There has been a pattern in recent history that goes as follows: We elect a conspicuously-able president and he does not magically cure all the nation’s ills (for instance, Bill Clinton). Then, we elect a new president (for instance, George W. Bush) who is not so able, and who not only fails to solve all the problems before him, but also creates new problems. What no one seems to notice, in this pattern, is that the able presidents spend most of their time cleaning up the mess of their predecessors who were not so able. Thus, in dumbing the office down, we are creating a legacy of increasing the unsolved problems that call for presidential attention.

Read the whole column here. Well worth your time.

Dean didn’t include it, but I think the media bears major responsibility for goading Palin along in her believe that she can and should be president. The media certainly never treated a losing vice presidential candidate to this kind of rapt attention — think the late Jack Kemp — and Palin is getting much more than her share of free media, not just from TLC, but from mainstream news outlets that report on her every tweet as if it’s news. If Ms. Palin wants to give her opinion on current events, she’s certainly entitled to do so. But for the media to act as if her juvenile, self-interested tweets are serious political pronouncements makes the news media itself as ridiculous as Sarah Palin.

Just sayin’ …

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One Response to John Dean on Palin: ‘all of Nixon’s negatives without the intellect’

  1. Flo says:

    “More importantly, too, Palin has shown…a decidedly Nixonian nature. ”

    She certainly resembles G. Gordon Liddy.

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