LATEST: Wife wanted Kaufman to talk husband out of schools threat

UPDATED From previous post: A source tells TRR that the suspect in an emailed threat that put 230,000 Broward County Schools students on lock-down Wednesday sent the threatening email to radio station WFTL 850 AM, addressed to right wing talk show host Joyce Kaufman. The email was sent at around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, apparently after the suspect saw an MSNBC report critical of Kaufman’s past rhetoric on immigration and guns. According to the source, at around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, the man’s wife frantically called WFTL hoping to get Kaufman to talk her husband out of following through on his threat to shoot up government buildings or schools. The email reportedly contained unnamed ethnic and religious slurs. …

Kaufman’s show doesn’t start until noon, so she wasn’t at the station when the call came in, and reportedly had not seen the email. When she got to work and was informed of the threat, Kaufman reportedly put a recorded program on and left with a bodyguard. According to the source, the emailer was inspired by Joyce’s “ballot box or cartridge box” rhetoric.

More on that threat called and emailed in to the station where Allen West’s new chief of staff, Joyce Kaufman has her radio show, which caused a county-wide lock-down of Broward schools on Wednesday. From local station WSVN-7, word that Kaufman’s own words may have inspired the threats…

City of Pembroke Pines Police Capt. Dan Rakofsky said authorities came to the decision to lift the lockdowns after further investigation into a threat sent to a radio station mentioning a mass shooting. …

… Rakofsky would not elaborate beyond his statement, only to say police had questioned and released several individuals but are still searching for the person that originally placed the phone call to WFTL 850 AM.

According to Rakofsky, further investigation revealed the same station received an email echoing those same sentiments, much earlier in the morning. Pembroke Pines Police did release a portion of that email, which stated: “I’m planning something big around the government building here in Broward County, maybe a post office, maybe even a school.”

The writer said Joyce Kaufman, who is a host at the radio station, inspired the threat. Kaufman happens to have recently been announced as the Chief of Staff to recently elected Florida Rep. Alan West.

Words that Kaufman uttered during a July 4th rally in Fort Lauderdale may have come back to haunt her. “If ballots don’t work, bullets will,” Kaufman is heard saying.

Those are the words that sources said may have motivated a South Florida man to make threats of unthinkable violence. Seven News was told the man was watching MSNBC Tuesday night when a clip from the rally was shown. Sources believe Kaufman’s words motivated him to write a threatening Email, which was sent to a radio station.

Part of the e-mail read: “Something big will happen. “The man’s wife then called WFTL with her fears.

According to the station, the woman told whoever she spoke with at the station that she feared her husband was headed to a school or other public building to do a mass shooting.

Watch the video of Kaufman, speaking at a July 4 rally also attended by West, that may have inspired the threats, here.

Video of the WSVN report is below:

According to NBC 6 this evening, federal law enforcement officials have joined in the search for the suspect and the woman claiming to be his wife.

According to the Broward New Times, the head of Broward County Schools confirmed to selected individuals that the email contained “ethnic and religious slurs,” though it’s not known which ethnicity and which religion were targeted.

Kaufman has boasted about being “the most heavily armed talk show host” and often brags on the air about her stash of guns.

As for West, his associations, particularly with a biker magazine linked to the Outlaws motorcycle gang, became an issue during the Congressional campaign. During the campaign, a group of bikers associated with West’s campaign even roughed up a young staffer for his opponent, Ron Klein’s campaign. So far, he has not commented on the Broward schools incident.

Keep in mind that Joyce has been around long before the tea party movement, and her rhetoric — and West’s — very much predates the wacky populists with misspelled signs. They have, however, been embraced by the tea party Republicans in Florida, with West particularly popular for his “gather your muskets” — “fight the tyranny in Washington” rhetoric. Kaufman hosts the most popular program on WFTL, which boasts an ultra-right wing lineup that includes Michael Savage. She is very much beloved by the station’s management, which may explain why they are anxious to keep her on the payroll even after she goes to Washington with West.

This one’s still very much developing

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8 Responses to LATEST: Wife wanted Kaufman to talk husband out of schools threat

  1. Precious says:

    “… When she got to work and was informed of the threat, Kaufman reportedly put a recorded program on and left with a bodyguard.”

    Did she want to hide from law enforcement? Did she think Justice was going to come after her in the same way that they go after terrorists?

    WOW! Where would that leave Allen West?

    And, wouldn’t it be appropriate for law enforcement to have a talk with her?
    Or, does the fact that she is now Allen West’s Chief-of-Staff shield her from interrogation or prosecution ? Does it sort of elevate her to the same tier of criminals who get away with anything just like the Bushes do?

    Maybe she was heading straight to a lawyer’s office to prepare whatever defense of herself she thought she needed due to the terrorist threat her words prompted on someone else.

  2. Flo says:

    Today’s right wing talking point: It’s Rachel Maddow’s fault for broadcasting Kaufman’s violent speech. Morons.

  3. Precious says:

    The morons not only want to hide their own sins. They want other people to hide their sins for them as well. The morons talk about honor, and about setting examples … how can they? their moronic mentality is less than that of a two year old’s mentality. How does one counteract moronic mentality?

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  5. Orcaspapa says:

    Why didn’t this ‘WIFE’ call 911? Why did she feel this ‘RWNJ’ would or could do anyhting? I hope the FBI does their job and finds out Kaufman staged the whole thing and throw her crazy butt in jail.

  6. Rupert says:

    Well, Flo, if it’s Rachel’s doing, then Glenn Beck will pin it all on George Soros. But beyond a phone call and an E mail to WFTL (resulting in a school lockdown) nothing actually happened. Over-reaction?

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