Midday clicks: Bennett wins in Colorado, Murray looking good in WA, White House shake-up coming?

With the Denver and Boulder suburbs the last votes to come in, the Denver Post has called Colorado for Michael Bennett, adding a bit more good news for Democrats on a tough post-election day. Democrats also easily won the Colorado governship with John Hickenlooper, meaning that despite losing all the governorships in the eastern and midwest swing states, Democrats overperformed out west, including in Nevada where a strong Latino vote helped carry Harry Reid to a fifth Senate term (though his son lost the governorship to an Hispanic Republican.)

In Washington, Democrat Patty Murray was looking good at half past 11, and is expected (cautiously) to hang on to her Senate seat.

Also trending this morning: the decimation of the Blue Dog coalition in Tuesday’s election means that ironically, the tea party seems to have purged both political parties, one of them by proxy.

And the recriminations begin in the Democratic coalition, with labor saying don’t point the finger at us, and some in the White House calling for a shake-up of the political team (please, please do that…)

And as for what caused the Democrats pain, the answer is pretty simple: voters punished them for the economy, either by voting Republican, or in the case of young and minority voters, by staying home.

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4 Responses to Midday clicks: Bennett wins in Colorado, Murray looking good in WA, White House shake-up coming?

  1. Comradbill says:

    Still too many votes out including military to count buck out. according to other reports around colorado.

  2. G says:

    btw, great appearance on MSNBC today.

  3. I will never fully support this president as long as Timothy Geitner and Ben Bernake remain appointed.

  4. jreid says:

    Thanks, G!

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