What Obama can do next

Some sound advice for a president who’s about to face the ugliest Congress since the lame duck confab that impeached Bill Clinton …

From Jone Podesta, Thomas Mann and others, as channeled by Greg Sargent:

There seems to be a growing consensus that Obama’s best route forward is twofold: First, go full throttle where he can on his own — executive orders, rulemaking powers, and so forth. And second, lay down a clear vision and agenda in the full expectation that Republicans will oppose it, and use the presidential bully pulpit to wage a massive communications offensive hammering them relentlessly for their opposition and intransigence.

This is the alternative to the relentless, if often rhetorical, quest for common ground that marked his first two years. It’s a whole different world now. Can Obama, who is one of the most gifted political communicators of the last generation, but is temperamentally suited more towards seeking reconciliation than confrontation, adapt accordingly?

Good advice.

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One Response to What Obama can do next

  1. hilda banks says:

    Why does President Obama need all this advice? Why can’t he just be Barack Hussein Obama and try to do the best he can for the country. It is so very obvious to me that so many people(Obama supporters?) just don’t think he is qualified to lead this country. He never gets a break on anything. Even with Gm making a comback, instead of giving applause or saying something good there is always the inevitable “but”. It is so sad!!!

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