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This man owes the president an apology

Someone needs to tell Peter DeFazio that lying about President Obama in an attempt to belittle him is Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh’s job.

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DeMint, GOP seek to ‘run out the clock’ in Senate, DADT repeal could fall victim to delay

UPDATE: On MSNBC: Joe Lieberman is calling on Harry Reid to push back the START Treaty vote and go directly to DADT repeal on Saturday night, which is the deadline for passing the omnibus spending bill. ORIGINAL POST: Senate Republicans, … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Julian Assange RELEASED on bail

From the Guardian: 6.01pm: Julian Assange walks out of the High Court with a hand raised. … Assange ignores the flurry of questions aimed at him and turns away from the cameras. …He reflects on the conditions inside prison, in … Continue reading

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Thursday clicks: House to vote on tax compromise, science = Democrat, and the ‘end of existence’

The White House assessment on Afghanistan says the gains there are fragile, but the troop withdrawal start date is on track (not that there won’t be push-back.) House Democrats will take two votes today on the president’s tax compromise: one … Continue reading

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