A tale of two Florida governors: Gollum versus Charlie Sunshine

Charlie Crist ends his tenure as Florida’s governor on an up note, especially with independents, and a future as a Democrat should he want it. His successor, Gollum, on the other hand, begins his tenure as the most unpopular governor in America. Filthy hobbitses …

From the Florida Independent:

Public Policy Polling released a new survey showing that Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott’s favorability numbers remain in the low 30s, though fewer view him unfavorably. The polling service says the numbers show “there is little doubt that he’s the most unpopular newly elected Governor in the country.”

Scott’s favorable numbers remain virtually unchanged since before the election — 34 percent then to 33 percent now. However, those viewing him unfavorably have dropped from 54 to 43 percent, signaling that some Floridians are willing to wait and see.

For comparison, his numbers are similar to North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue, and his favorable ratings are in league with New York Gov. David Paterson, who decided not to run in 2010 because of his handling of a domestic violence case among one of his aides

And from the Horse’s Mouth:

There hasn’t been a lot of good news for Charlie Crist this year but as he prepares to leave office here’s a little piece of it: he’s actually finishing up with the best approval numbers PPP has found for him all year. 50% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 39% who disapprove. Starting in March his approval numbers in five previous PPP polls this year were 35%, 44%, 42%, 47%, and 41%.

Crist has stratospheric numbers with independents at 70% approving of him to only 26% disapproving. That’s the highest approval with them PPP has found for any politician this year, even Joe Manchin couldn’t match that. His Senate campaign coming to an end also seems to have earned Crist some forgiveness with Republicans. He’s still mostly unpopular with them now at 36% approval to 54% disapproval, but that’s well up from a 23/64 spread in late October. He’s actually seen some slippage with Democrats though, from 59% approval right before the election to now 54%.

Crist may have a political future but if he does it’s in the Democratic Party. 35% of voters in the state say they would definitely not vote for him in a campaign somewhere down the road. But 26% say they definitely would and 36% are at least open to the possibility. Any thought that he might try to go back to being a Republican can probably be put aside by the fact that 50% of GOP voters say they would never vote for Crist ever again- that’s a pretty brutal starting point in a primary contest.

That leaves the options of going the independent route again- which he presumably saw the perils of this year- or just becoming a Democrat. 27% of Democrats say they’d definitely vote for Crist in a future campaign and 43% are open to it with only 25% ruling out the possibility. So that’s where his best chances in the future lie and wouldn’t a Crist-Scott contest in 2014 be fascinating…although Crist’s odd choice to run for the Senate this year would suggest that maybe being Governor wasn’t his cup of tea.

So what is Charlies cup of tea? Still no definitive word on what he’ll do next, but something tells me he’ll be moving to Washington before long, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him wind up in the Obama administration somewhere. As for Tricky Ricky? If he manages to get through four years without getting indicted, he’ll probably get re-elected in four years when the useless Florida Democratic Party nominates Rod Smith or some as yet unnamed member of the Sink-McBride family to challenge him.

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4 Responses to A tale of two Florida governors: Gollum versus Charlie Sunshine

  1. I’m of the view that events will overwhelm entertainment in the near future and we’ll have actual important things to not just worry about, but to actually deal with, other than wondering what will happen to Charlie Crist.

    Right now, Florida is leading the nation (or close to it) in foreclosures. It’s one of the few states where it’s the foreclosure mills that seem to be getting assistance from the courts, rather than the victims of the fraud-riddled process. All across our state, on every street in our neighborhoods, a foreclosure sign is up, meaning some family is out.

    And yet it’s the political entertainment, the politainment, that occupies our airwaves and blog channels.

    Fear not! Sooner or later, something real will get our attention and Charlie Crist will be the furthest thing from our minds. No, check that. Charlie Crist won’t even be a thing at all.

  2. Flo says:

    My memory already fails me……… how was it that Alex Sink managed to lose the election to this guy???

  3. Gollum-love it Joy-Ann!

  4. Charlie appointed George LeMieux, who has turned out to be an extremely right-wing Senator. Thanks, Charlie. I think that LeMieux has been a disgrace.

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