UPDATE: Julian Assange RELEASED on bail

From the Guardian:

Julian Assange walks out of the High Court with a hand raised. … Assange ignores the flurry of questions aimed at him and turns away from the cameras. …He reflects on the conditions inside prison, in solitary confinement, and calls on people to support those who face tougher conditions than he did inside. …He ends the brief statement by saying he will continue the fight and hopes “to reveal…the evidence from these allegations”.

You can listen to what Assange said in this Audioboo recording.

ORIGINAL POST: After what seem like interminable delays, it appears the Wikileaks founder will leave a London jail — though not right away — while he fights extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges.

From the Washington Post:

LONDON – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was set to be released from a British prison after the High Court on Thursday upheld a decision granting him bail and allowing him to retreat to a friend’s rural estate to fight extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges.

The terms of Assange’s bail were still being worked out by the court Thursday afternoon and appeared to include posting bail of more than $310,000, a tab being covered by wealthy and high-profile backers including Bianca Jagger, U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore and the British celebrity heiress Jemima Khan.

Assange’s lawyers were in the process of gathering and depositing the funds to gain his immediate release.

“We are utterly delighted and thrilled,” the theatrical Mark Stephens, one of Assange’s lawyers and a well-known figure in London’s legal circles, said on the courthouse steps. “He will not be going back to that Victorian prison; he will not be going back to that cell once occupied by Oscar Wilde.”

Although it was unclear when exactly Assange would emerge from London’s Wandsworth Prison, the court’s ruling marks a victory for Assange in his bid to counter a warrant to bring him to Sweden for questioning on alleged sex crimes. …

The Guardian is following the developments via liveblog here.

Meanwhile, Wikileajks supporters “Anonymous” go analogue.

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