Charlie Crist re-hugs the president

Charlie Crist, Obama-hugging again

Guess who supports President Obama’s tax compromise?

From the in-box:

“I have a unique appreciation for leaders who are willing to put aside partisan politics in order to focus on what is best for the people. I commend President Obama for working to secure an agreement that will give our economy the support it needs to continue on the path to recovery. I call on Congress to act quickly and prevent a tax increase for Floridians and all Americans.”

The White House release literally followed the Crist release by 37 minutes.

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One Response to Charlie Crist re-hugs the president

  1. Kevin Desire says:

    Good morning Joy; this is a note I wrote & posted today on tax-cut policy. Have a blessed day!Let me see if I understand. People of means, like Warren Buffet, among others, believe the weathy don't pay enough in taxes, yet poor & middle income people voted for a political belief that "lower taxes for upper-income & weathy tax-payers" is better than unemployment benefits for people who can't find work. I thought the "DEFICIT" was front & center for some (NOT ALL!!!) in our country. So how is LeBron James keeping $600k in tax savings (I'm not hating at all) going to help the deficit? Making people work until they are 70 before they can retire, that's better? When I'm earning more income, I WONT HAVE A PROBLEM PAYING MORE IN INCOME TAXES!!!! BILLIONS OF $$$ WASTED IN IRAQ, while the US drops to below 20 in educational ranking!!! Europe is investing $1 trillion in high speed rail over the next 10 yearsl!!!I'd like to hear from my conservative FB friends esp! Good day all!!

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