Democrats are finally fighting … each other

Congressman Peter Defasio -- the de facto leader of the House Democrats opposing the president.

How sweet a deal is this for Republicans — they get to push for tax breaks for the rich, and the president takes the blame, and the in-coming, from other Democrats. Meanwhile, the House finally gets to show its fighting spirit, with the small caveat that it’s after the election. Good times.

Greg Sargent has the chart the White House is privately — “privately” being in the Wikileaks sense of the word — to Democrats to convince them that he — and they — got more out of the tax compromise deal than Republicans. It likely won’t move many Dems, who are insisting on unnamed changes to the bill before Nancy Pelosi will bring it to the House floor. Here’s the chart:

And Sargent writes:

House Dems are particularly incensed over the estate tax provisions, which sets a far more generous exemption and lower maximum rate than Dems wanted. But as the chart shows, the White House’s pushback will be that what Republicans got from the estate tax provision is dwarfed by what Dems got. Same goes for the tax cuts for the rich. Indeed, the thrust of the chart is to persuade Democrats that they, and not Republicans, can claim victory in the great tax cut standoff.

UPDATE, 12:00 p.m.: The White House chart is similar to a recent analysis by the Center for American Progress that compared the costs and benefits of the Dem and GOP pieces of the deal.

Meanwhile, as Bill Clinton prepares to visit the White House, what might be at the root of the anger particularly of House liberals, is a fear that over the next two years, President Obama is going to pull a Clinton on them. The dirty word of the day: “triangulation.”

BTW, how messed up is it that we finally got a tough guy in the Senate leadership, and his main opponent going forward appears to be the Democratic president?

What’s so incredible is that Democrats barely raised their fists in anger over eight years of George W. Bush, and showed no fight whatsoever in the face of everything from the Iraq war (which they continuously funded without Bush even having to put it in the regular budget) — to the PATRIOT Act, to domestic spying, to torture. Democrats laid down for all of that, even when they took control of Congress in 2006, and promptly took impeachment off the table. Now that they’ve found their mojo, their rage is all directed at the president who’s a member of their own party. And Democrats are never so lusty as when they’re fighting their own.

That folks, is what it’s like to be a Democrat.

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3 Responses to Democrats are finally fighting … each other

  1. Robinson says:

    Thank you for showing the benefits for dems, it is a shame now we got fighting power but it is within our own party. Instead of fighting within our party we can use this issue has a fighting tool against the republicans. The dems should have voted on the unemployment benefits, which would have show how disconncet the republicans are from the poor and the needy! We need to unit has one party and get a plan to get the house back and keep president obama in the white house.

  2. Robert Bee says:

    Sounds just about right to me, having worked on the hill for 5 years this type of behavior is normal anytime you have lawyer/politicains involed

  3. Aleem Fakir says:

    hey joy-ann, you think people are reading and listening?

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