Friday clicks: Rangel, Reid and Democrats negotiating their own surrender? **UPDATE**

UPDATE: Friday’s November jobs number has come in, and it’s disappointing. Unemployment has ticked up, and hiring slowed down in the private sector last month. Details here. Ezra Klein on the tiny silver lining here.

Thursday was a tough one for Charlie Rangel, who joins a small number of members of Congress who have been subject to censure by their colleagues. The NY Times has the incredibly sad story.

Meanwhile, Sen. Harry Reid announces two votes scheduled for Saturday, in the wake of the House passing a middle class only tax cut bill on Thursday.

Reid says the Senate will take up the House bill, along with the Chuck Schumer-crafted “millionaires bracket” bill, which will cap permanent rate cuts at the million-dollar mark. The votes are intended to put Republicans on record as opposing tax cuts for the middle class unless the rich folks get theirs, too. (A GOP alternative making all the Bush tax cuts permanent appears destined not to be taken up on Saturday.)

It’s also expected that the votes will fail, setting up a vote on whatever compromise measure the White House’s team of Geithner and Lew come up with. Or as the New York Times put it, the Democrats are merely negotiating their defeat on an issue they should be winning on.

Maybe that’s what Michael Bennett meant by “rigged…”

Case in point: a new CBS poll shows support for the Democratic position versus the Republican one runs better than two to one, including a majority of coveted independents. It’s enough to make you wanna holler.

Greg Sargent offers this cogent defense of the White House position, which carries with it an implicit slam of Congress for being too chicken to take that vote before the election.

But how to explain (or defend) … this kind of blatant message stomping?

The WaPo says the White House is trying to get unemployment benefits extended as part of any deal, along with an extension of the “Making Work Pay” tax cut in the stimulus bill that literally no Americans know they even got.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul gets a coveted spot that could have business rethinking that tea party love.

Speaking of rethinking, might the Chamber of Secrets be feeling a bit pinched by the “no infrastructure spending,” “no immigration reform,” “no corporate welfare and bailouts” teabaggies they spent so much cash to put in office? Signs point to “holy shit…”

And if you don’t think the battle over Netflix matters to you, it does. Big time. It’s a question of whether the giant cable companies like Comcast, and the big Telcos, will be able to become giant Internet gatekeepers, based on their ability to throw up tolls on bandwith. Tick-tock…

BTW the catfood commission won’t be getting their 14 votes. But Politics Daily’s Jill Lawrence says the left needs to get in the deficit reduction game now, before the game gets away.

Signs of a START thaw? (Or maybe just a shaming)?

Attention Tea Party Supporters: Jim DeMint is back in the club, and already selling you out. Merry Christmas!

And Michael Bloomberg has some advice for the POTUS: don’t walk away from your positions, and get rid of lots of your aides.

Last but not least, want an encapsulated view of Republican holiday spirit? Here it is. But even that guy can’t hold a candle to Scott Brown, who blocks unemployment insurance by day, and then parties the night away. Nice.

Happy holidays.

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16 Responses to Friday clicks: Rangel, Reid and Democrats negotiating their own surrender? **UPDATE**

  1. Name: Mark says:

    They are talking about deficit reduction on the backs of the same people they just robbed. There is no way I will accept any compromise on anything from this administration until he starts accomplishing giving something to the people who voted for him. I’m sick of his bipartisan bull shit. There are stories all over out there that Obama is admitting he is a Blue Dog and a DLC NEW Democrat. I sure as hell didn’t vote for that, and that sure as hell isn’t how he ran.

  2. Precious says:

    I just recently finished reading John Hart’s The Last Child. It is a fascinating book–a fiction story which has nothing to do with politics in the telling of the story itself, but a lot to do with the current political climate in the underlying subliminal message of the book, if you want to call it that. The book unravels when a lie is uncovered and along with it all the harm and damage to other people just by the cover-up of a lie.
    Harry Reid is covering up his real intention which is to cut-off millions of Americans from the tit that feeds them, that being in Alan Simpson’s words, Social Security. Obama the Great Pragmatist has been disguising his true colors since day one and that is that he is following the Bush Agenda since he set foot int he oval office. He can use the excuse that it is not his thinking that is on the line. It is that of his commission, or his cabinet, or anyone else’s, but not his. Of course, that and a flying fig are the same thing.
    And as for heaven, well as for heaven, strange that as I opened up the Bible it opened up to Isaiah Chapter 1 this morning. Verse 17 says “learn to do good. Make justice your aim: redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow.” I wonder if Obama’s version of the Bible has no Isaiah chapter in it. For sure the Bushes version of the Bible does not … and Geithner, well does he even own a Bible or a Torah?

  3. Flo says:

    Precious, that “Obama is following the Bush agenda” line is getting old; why not try the truth. Pragmatists get things done; it’s not a dirty word. The right says he’s a socialist, the left says he’s a corporatist. They redressed the wronged farmers this week, and were called racists; why do you ignore what is happening?

  4. Precious says:

    Not getting old to me Flo. Why won’t you face reality? Defend Obama all you want to. Truth will find you one of these days… or, you will find it one of these days… and it will hurt a lot, like a lot of people who voted for him have.

  5. Rupert says:

    Precious, I think we are going to continue to disagree; I personally did not place unrealistic expectations on the man; he’s been or is trying to be true to what he said in his books and his campaign. Those who expect a liberal agenda haven’t yet explained how to get it thru the Congress.

  6. Flo says:

    Truth will find me, Precious?? It finds me everyday. But Isaiah wasn’t talking about government. Throwing our accusations that Geithner might be a muslim is dirty pool. We do agree on Alan Simpson’s worth; but when did Harry Reid ever try to cut your precious social security??

  7. Precious says:

    Flo, I never threw any accusation that Geithner might be a muslim. I was wondering whether he is a Jew, in which case he would have a Torah; or whether he is a so called, “Christian,” or whether he subscribes to any religion at all. Your overactive defensive posturing made you read in my words what I never wrote nor intended for them to be read into … And as fafr as Isaiah … yes, he wasn’t talking about government but he was talking about HUMAN BEINGS and human beings in charge who have the ability to make Justice their aim and care for those who have nothing or have little … well, it should be a direct WHISPER into their hearts whether they are in government or not.

    @Rupert, I don’t think the many every expected a Liberal Agenda from Obama. They did expect some sort of change. However, Lo and Behold, me thinks we have MORE OF THE SAME. (But, as you say Rupert, we will continue to disagree.)

  8. Rupert says:

    The Deficit Reduction Commission, despite Simpson’s presence on it, was a good idea because the Democrats otherwise would let the Republicans take ownership of an issue that the public in general is concerned about. Or maybe Simpson’s presence was good, since he’s another Republican acting as old and out-of-it as John McCain. They got some good facts out into the public, but their mostly lousy list of solutions won’t go anywhere. And once again, the Republicans’ deficit reduction superstar, Paul Ryan, is shown to be a fraud; he’s never yet supported in Congress a proposal that would actually reduce the deficit.

  9. Flo says:

    You win one point, Precious; you said Torah, not Quran; my bad on that. But his religion is irrelevant. And you apparently still missed the news this week concerning the black and native american farmers; wrongs were redressed.

  10. Precious says:

    About wrongs being redressed. Perhaps Obama could also give himself the Presidential Medal of Freedom the same time he gives it to Poppy Bush.
    And as far as Geithner’s religion being irrelevant, a post ago you were jumping on me when you thought I was somehow implying that he is Muslim.
    You tell me Flo. How irrelevant is religion to anyone of us? Really.

  11. Flo says:

    Precious, I jumped on you for bringing in his religion, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian. It’s irrelevant to me. A lot of what you say makes little sense to me; especially your constant suggestions of some connection between Obama and the Bushes. But keep on trying.

  12. Precious says:

    Too bad you can’t see the connection Flo.

  13. Flo says:

    There is no connection, Precious. You seem to have missed much of what has happened in the past 2 years.

  14. Precious says:

    How truly sad… In the past 2 years Obama has followed the GWB Agenda all the way. Banks have been bailed out. Unemployment has continued to grow.
    No jobs have been created. He has given a stimulus package to Ireland in true GWB style. There has been no infrastructure created. Federal/State/County and City Jobs (previously known as career jobs) are being privatized by the thousands: A bush Project if you ask me. And, why are the democrats in the losing house this election cycle? That wouldn’t be due to the fact that obama’s campaign lies just happened to flourish like wildfire …Of course, now, if you happen to work at the WHiTE HOUSE … your blind fold is right on target.

    And, didn’t lots of politicians up for re-election prefer not to have Obama show up as support for their re-election bid?

    And, why are so many of so called Progressives and the Youth Vote who came out in numbers to vote for him in 2008 now turning their backs on him. That wouldn’t be due to the fact that he has disappointed him.

    And for Obama having been installed in the White House by the Bushes …
    The words in this transcript are not to be taken lightly given the dirty covert hands of GHWB ..

    “WALLACE: I can’t let this opportunity pass without talking a little politics with you.

    G.H.W. BUSH: Go ahead.

    WALLACE: Do you agree with your son that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Democratic nomination? And why, as you said in Japan — and I’m going to clean this up slightly — are you going to try to beat the heck out of her?

    G.H.W. BUSH: I’m trying to remember if I said that. I don’t remember using the word “heck.”

    WALLACE: Actually, you used another word.


    G.H.W. BUSH: Well, look. If she’s the nominee, I obviously will be for her opponent. I had thought a few weeks ago that she was almost a gimme, as we say in golf, for the nomination. I’m not sure I feel that way now.

    Read more:,2933,307952,00.html#ixzz17FFerIsi

    The change Obama promised … seems to me to be a continuation of all Bush policies … And, No excuse about how it is difficult to change pace given what he has inherited.

    When moving into a new house, it seems people make lots of changes.
    Obama has not.

    Perhaps we can agree that have two different views of the current political climate.

  15. Precious says:

    I just typed a long response to you Flo. It seems the website did not allow it and somehow erased it.

  16. Flo says:

    That is total nonsense, Precious. They passed financial reform and regulation, while Bush favored free markets; they put in an economic stimulus which Bush would never do, and oppose tax cuts for wealthy, passed “socialist” health care reform, and on and on and on; you may not like the results, Precious, we all are impatient to see the economy improve, but to say they are following a Bush agenda or that there is some connection with the Bush family is not supported in the least by your post, simply because it’s not true. I think you need some lessons in history and how government runs and how jobs are created; before you try to preach such nonsense.

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