Happy New Year, you gorgeous creatures! Now enjoy these awesome fireworks…

As you can see, in the spirit of American exceptionalism, I’ve outsourced the fireworks to Asia …

Anyway, a big Thank you to TRR’s fabulous and brilliant readers, who made 2010 our best year ever in terms of traffic (we even busted our server in July and had to move to fancier digs.) Big ups to everyone who checks in to this site every day — or even every once in a while — to get your political news and analysis fix, and to all the campaigns who actually talked to me, believe it or not, this election season (even when I criticized you) and to my bestest blogging buddies, including Peter Schorsch, Steve Schale and my new Twitter guru Shoq (plus all the too cool for words people I’ve befriended on Twitter this year. Where else can you hang with people named “BrokePimpStyles” and “McMuffinofDoom” who actually have serious shit to say?) And I must large up my fam at the Miami Herald and at MSNBÇ (and CNBC) who put me and my always contentious hair on the tellie, which didn’t hurt the web hits either.

This was a great year in politics, in an historic period in our history — with the first Black president, and a country that just survived a near second Great Depression.

2011 promises to be stranger and more exciting still. So fasten your seat belts, and think at your own risk. Champagne!

Oh, and since I categorically hate top 10 lists, I’ll throw it over to Neon Tommy, who has like, all the ones that matter. Cheers!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year, you gorgeous creatures! Now enjoy these awesome fireworks…

  1. Happy New Year Joy to you and the family. Enjoy and stay safe. xoxox

  2. jreid says:

    Thanks Yvonne, and much love to you guys!

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