Monday clicks: Air Barbour, Assange book deal; Miller out of the way? Obama on Vick’s 2nd chance

Politico turns up the heat on one of its favorites

Happy Monday! Here’s some of what’s going on out there.

Julian Assange still faces rape charges, but he does have a $1.5 million-dollar book deal.

The Wikileaks chief says he’ll use the money to cover the legal fees for both his rape case and what he believes is an impending prosecution for espionage by the U.S., as well as to “keep Wikileaks afloat” even as banks pull away (coincidentally, just before he doc dumps on Bank of America…)

Meanwhile, some good news on the economy: job creation may be slow, but it’s happening faster than in previous recessions.

Good news for Lisa Murkowski: Joe Miller is finally getting out of the way of her election … mostly.

Did President Obama really call the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to praise him for giving Michael Vick a second chance? Yes he did (the White House issued a happy Kwaanza statement too. Permission for winger heads to start exploding now…)

In fiscal conservative news, Mississippi may be the poorest state in the union, but it apparently has plenty of cash to blow on its wannabe president governor’s plane travel.

Air Barbour makes the top of the fold on Politico, where he attempts to explain himself (“them Dukes! Them Dukes…!”)

Meet the new Republican chairman of House Science and Technology committee. He just LOVES oil … even when it’s spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

In Hawaii: birther madness.

A new idea from HHS: Medicaid bonuses.

And a new idea in Hollywood buzz creation: military screenings.

D.C.: a town without a Kennedy, for the first time in 60 years.

Is the “Anybody but Steele” campaign racial? Or is Michael Steele just trying to make it seem that way?

Are we at a high water mark for Libertarianism?

And is the “recall John Kyl” initiative serious?

What else is going on out there?

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