Morning clicks: tax deal headed to Senate floor, Steele headed for the door?

A key test vote will be held for the Obama tax package today, and despite the continued sturm und drang about the deal over the weekend (from the right and the left), it looks likely to pass. If anything changes, it could be the House’s sticking point: the estate tax.

And Politico focuses on the Obama GOP “charm offensive” and Axelrod’s view toward a brighter day

By the way, economists are also feeling upbeat.

Staying with the tax deal, it’s Krauthammer vs. Crook, with both punching the hippies (and Krauthammer throwing a few slugs the GOP’s way, too.) And then over to Krugman’s column, where at least one hippie punches back, slugging both David Broder and Dana Milbank of the Wapo. **UPDATE: Politics Daily’s Matt Lewis takes Milbank’s side.)

Meanwhile, the big question on political minds this morning: what will Michael Steele do? (Fox and The Daily Caller say the answer is: pull a Palin.) Okay, maybe that’s not the big question on political minds this morning, but I for one can’t wait for the brother’s tell-all book…

And could Norm Coleman throw his hat into the RNC ring? Let’s just pray there’s not a recount. You know how he is…

Today in next-level crazy: with Mexico’s cartel problem (fueled, it turns out, by U.S. guns) getting front page treatment, the RedStaters are reviving a bad old idea: let’s invade Mexico! Jesus, take the wheel… (and Rick Perry, take the front line?)

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