The other fly in the tax cut deal ointment: Republicans

Sen. Jim DeMint (center) and other Republicans could hold the U.S. debt ceiling hostage to their political demands.

Think the angry left is the only group hating on the president’s tax cut deal? Think again, cuz hear come the Republicans…

Guess who doesn’t like the tax deal (and if you said Bernie Sanders, take off a point, since we already knew that…) it’s Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth!

“This is bad policy, bad politics, and a bad deal for the American people,” said Club President Chris Chocola in a statement. “The plan would resurrect the Death Tax, grow government, blow a hole in the deficit with unpaid-for spending, and do so without providing the permanent relief and security our economy needs to finally start hiring and growing again.”

“Instead, Congress should pass a permanent extension of current rates, including a permanent repeal of the death tax, and drop all new spending,” Chocola said. “A month ago, the American people repudiated Washington big government. It’s time for both parties to finally hear that message and act on it.”

DeMint formally announced his opposition on the Hugh Hewitt radio show.

Asked whether he’d support the legislation, and oppose a filibuster to it, DeMint answered, simply, “no” to both questions. “It raises taxes, it raises the death tax. I don’t think we needed to negotiate that aspect of this thing away,” DeMint said. “I don’t think we need to extend unemployment any further without paying for it, and without making some modifications such as turning it into a loan at some point. DeMint, who’s holding out for a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts, wouldn’t say how much support he has, but hinted it could be substantial: “I think there’s going to be a lot of fallout on the Republican side, and I suspect even on the Democrat side,” he said. …

Jesus, he wants to turn unemployment insurance into LOAN … the mind reels …

The bottom line is, hard right Republicans get that this deal is essentially a back door stimulus plan, and that’s why they don’t like it. The payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits will be highly stimulative, as will keeping in place the tax cuts Barack Obama put in the original stim. But don’t tell that to the “just fight” crowd, who have now created their own iteration of the “party of no.

A Black diarist leaves the Daily Kos, and the possibility of a Black-left divide is actually quite real, as the “professional left” takes off after the first black president.

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2 Responses to The other fly in the tax cut deal ointment: Republicans

  1. I was just thinking about a black-left divide this morning. I can see that coming. Those who follow the political story-line and are critical of irresponsible governance are too often entirely separated from ordinary, everyday working people who continue to be pleased by the very idea of a black-skinned man in the White House with the seemingly unflappable personality of Barack Obama. Then again, of course, the left has long been separated from the working classes and the less effete.

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