Thursday clicks: House to vote on tax compromise, science = Democrat, and the ‘end of existence’

The White House assessment on Afghanistan says the gains there are fragile, but the troop withdrawal start date is on track (not that there won’t be push-back.)

House Democrats will take two votes today on the president’s tax compromise: one that beefs up the estate tax, but that Senate Republicans have vowed to stop cold if it comes to their chamber, and one on the bill the Senate passed. The second is the one that’s going to be come law. But Democrats will have put their objections to this extra sop to wealthy heirs on the record.

From Politico: sings of grim resignation in the House.

The House has already passed a stand-alone repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which will now discover its fate in the Senate.

BTW make note that this marks the “end of existence.”

And we could see votes on the DREAM Act and START Treaty sooner rather than later. Sorry, Jesus-Santa Claus…

Also to be on display today in the Senate: massive, ugly, Republican hypocrisy on earmarks.

BTW if you’re a scientist in this country (or if you believe in climate change or know that the earth wasn’t created 6,000 years ago and that man and dinosaurs did NOT coexist…) you’re also almost certainly a Democrat. Slate’s Daniel Sarewitz says that ain’t good.

E.J. Dionne is not impressed with No Labels.

This must be asked: is John Boehner crying so much because he’s a drunk?

Also at Politics Daily: Arizona is the new California, and not in a good way.

On the economy: jobless claims fall again.

Foreclosures fall, too (perhaps because of moratoria due to robosigning?)

Last but not least (for this post) — Obama’s latest poll numbers from NBC/WSJ? Not too shabby.

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