Thursday clicks: old vs. new mavericks

New and old mavericks: Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Arizona Grump John McCain

The New York Times offers a detailed recounting of President Obama’s New START gamble, and how the treaty was almost derailed by DADT repeal.

Also at the Times: Senator Gillibrand comes into her own, and a preview of the Congressional battles ahead.

Nate Silver, meanwhile, throws some cold water on the Census shift and what it means for 2012. Sorry, GOP.

And Lloyd Grove says even President Obama’s GOP critics are grudgingly giving him credit.

But this could be interesting: Steven Spielberg advising Mother Nancy on rebranding the Dems?

Trending: Lisa Murkowski is the real maverick.

… And Joe Miller is a really sore loser. He’s even lost the HotAirians.

Murkoswki was one of the “moderate” Republicans who helped Senate Democrats break a record number of filibusters during the 111th Congress. TPM has charts.

Speaking of mavericks, having wooed the left on DADT repeal, could Joe Lieberman come back into the fold and run as a Democrat in 2012?

And back to the old, aging, ex-maverick John McCain: now he’s using his endless malevolence to block a bill on … wait for it … preventing troop suicides. Seriously.

ICYMI: TDB’s Shushannah Walshe delves into McCain’s seemingly bottomless rage.

Also, the CSM unloads six under-reported stories from 2010, including the sharp decline in suicide bombings (another Obama win…)

Rahm looks good to go in the Chicago mayor’s race.

And North Korea threatens (again)…

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One Response to Thursday clicks: old vs. new mavericks

  1. Montana says:

    Poor McCain, he lost the election, because of his choices and now he is like a fish out of water by all his flip, flops on DADT, what a true hypocrite, he should move himeself into a old farts home. We all know that he is a member of the “Gay Old Party” GOP.

    McCain Hardball Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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