Tuesday clicks: the whiny, crying babies of Wall Street

For Wall Street bankers, getting a trillion-dollar bailout AND boffo bonuses, even during the Great Recession, and then getting two more years of obscene tax cuts as a reward for tanking the global economy isn’t enough. No, they also wish to be loved, and praised, by the president of the United States. (Plus they don’t want to pay taxes on their bounty…) And if not? They’ll hold their breath until they turn blue, pausing for breath only to bitch to Politico about what a meanie Barack Obama is. Somebody get Jamie Dimon a binkie, would you? Perhaps that would prevent him giving up money quotes like this:

Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase and a supporter of Obama in 2008, has been among the more outspoken critics of the White House’s anti-Wall Street rhetoric. “It’s harmful, it’s unfair and it leads to bad policy,” Dimon recently told The New York Times Magazine, adding that he told Obama: Former “President [Abraham] Lincoln could have denigrated all Southerners. He didn’t.”

So … Wall Street wanted to secede from the union … and take the bailout money with them? Well who are the slaves in that scenario? Never mind…

BTW New York: stop picking on Bloomberg! At least he didn’t leave town.

To Florida! Where one candidate for chairman of the still under federal investigation indictment factory known as the Republican Party of Florida, has her very own mugshot. Thank God she also has Winston Churchill.

Two more from SPB: A good idea from one of the last remaining Charlie Crist Republicans in the state: if GOPer elected officials are going to gut state worker pensions, they should pay more into their own.

And guess who’s leading the GOPer polls in Florida for 2012? The same guy who’s ahead in the national polls among Republicans nowadays … and a guy whose foreclosure help TV endorsement you might want to think twice about

Also with a h/t to Peter S: read Ben Kirby’s open letter to Alex Sink (unless you’re Alex Sink in which case just please go away and do your think tank.) Kirby’s site isn’t loading just now, but here’s a link for when it’s back up.

In case you’re interested in which moneyed interests are buying into Governor Gollum’s crookeration, click here.

And if you’re Bill Nelson, do worry about Jeb.

File this under things I have know idea why people care so much about but which are probably good politics for the president. (And this too.)

And file this under things sure to make Rush Limbaugh’s racist, football obsessed but NFL ownership dreams dashed head explode.

Meet the latest Republican dream candidate who’s not going to be president.

Meanwhile, Howard Kurtz on the GOP fantasy game.

And are police driving Hispanics out of a Connecticut town?

Burning questions: should being a member of Congress be a part time job?

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