(Video) And now, a word from the president

…to whoever uttered “f– the president” in that Democratic caucus meeting …

DISCLAIMER: This is certainly not a word from the actual president, and is not an official White House communication. Sadly, that has to be said for some people to realize that this is not actually a word from the president. Thank you. Now click on and go in peace…

So any ideas who the Democratic Joe Wilson might be? And why aren’t liberals more interested in finding out? I mean, if a Republican had said it…

Some possible suspects:

Pete Defazioleader of the House revolt against the president. Qualifyer is that he’s from Oregon, and you’d think they’d have better manners there… And Defazio said on MSNBC Thursday that his caucus is looking to “improve the bill, not kill the bill,” leading TRR to suspect that Defazio might more likely have said “get some pork from the president…

Anthony Weiner – he used to be roommates with Jon Stewart, who has been known to toss out an F-bomb from time to time, and he’s made by far the most angry appearances on television attacking the president as a weak, ineffectual capitulator. Plus he’s from New York. They tell people to f- off a lot up there (full disclosure, I was born in Brooklyn…) But Weiner is practically a newlywed, so there’s a chance he’s still too blissful to be that much of a jerk.

Any other guesses?

Meanwhile, some defeated Democrats objected to the nonbinding vote rejecting the Obama plan, saying they weren’t invited to weigh in.

And Ezra Klein has more charts! Showing why, in numerical terms, liberals hate the tax compromise deal. More good Ezra K stuff here.

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3 Responses to (Video) And now, a word from the president

  1. hilda banks says:

    You know, Republicans never would have revolted against GWB this way and neither would Dems but I guess, it’s easier to revolt against the “black” guy because he isn’t going to say something “ghetto” to them. I think it is insane the way these folks are acting. I know they are politicians and that is what is so painful. We voters just don’t get it. I agree with Donnie Deutsch from the Joe Show and how he explained the President. I think he is right. Some say he is triangulating, what does that mean exactly?

  2. Rupert says:

    No not them; Congressman John Dingell is 80 years old–he woke up from his nap and thought Bush was still in office. (note: I used to live in Dingell’s district up in MI– just kidding, John.)

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