(Video) The venal stupidity of Tucker Carlson (with bonus flashback)

This is why Tucker is no longer hosting a cable TV show. He’s a snark-filled dolt. Here, he chimes in on Michael Vick, President Obama, and second chances. Enjoy:

So are there second chances available for desperate attention seekers who steal people’s online identities and make vile, over the top statements about successful athletes? Hm?

A few thoughts from NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk:

If Carlson supports the death penalty for involvement in dog fighting, his version of Christianity is more of the Old Testament than New Testament variety. For its part the White House says that the purpose of Obama’s call to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was to discuss the use of alternative energy at Lincoln Financial Field, and that when the subject of Vick came up, Obama said that he condemns Vick’s crimes but believes convicted criminals should have a chance to contribute to society when they are released from prison.

With this being the best comment underneath:

And now for a flashback … let’s travel back to January 2006, and the end of Tucker’s cable TV career, as served up by Jon Stewart (though he later briefly resurfaced on a then-Fox imitating MSNBC.) Enjoy:

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2 Responses to (Video) The venal stupidity of Tucker Carlson (with bonus flashback)

  1. So Michael Vick should be executed along with Sarah Palin for animal abuse?

  2. Better Tucker Carlson is a TV pundit 'cause if they didn't keep him busy I think he's be a violent right-wing thug out on the streets.

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