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GOP hopefuls take sides … with Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak is losing support fast, including that of the Obama administration. But not to worry, he has Fox News and the American right on his side.

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Egypt uprising: ElBeredei makes his move, U.S. public posture shifts, and Israel’s fears

Key News and Twitter feeds on #Egypt: LIVESTREAM: Al Jazeera English (Twitter) The Guardian UK Jan25 Live Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy (Twitter, blog) Columnist Sultan al Qassemi **TWEETING FROM INSIDE CAIRO; ElAzul Sarah Cosgrove (Please email me if I’ve missed … Continue reading

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Saturday Video Vault: ‘Radio Ga Ga’ by Queen

It kind of goes without saying that music videos made in 1984 were heavy on the Orwellian symbolism, at least for those artists who were savvy enough to see the sybological potential of music video. And there was no savvier … Continue reading

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Florida to D.C.: More trouble for David Rivera

The hits just keep coming for the newly elected Congressman from Miami.

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It’s not theoretical: House GOP considering Ryan plan to privatize Medicare

The Republican Party is fond of framing healthcare reform as murderous to granny. But Paul Ryan’s plan — which could soon be the official Republican Party plan in the House — would send granny into the private marketplace, armed only … Continue reading

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Egypt UPDATE 5: Mubarak clinging to power, appoints new deputy, crowds unmoved; Israelis fear further isolation

UPDATE 5: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, hanging on to power despite nearly a week of mass protests against his rule, took steps toward appeasing the protesters on Saturday by appointing a new deputy. From the BBC: Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak … Continue reading

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Friday clicks: Challenger 25 years later, Carney in, Egypt erupts

Twenty-five years ago, America’s faith in the space system was shaken, and we all experienced the shock of watching the Space Shuttle Challenger break apart and fall out of the sky. The accident ended the lives of seven astronaut, including … Continue reading

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Great Britain’s contraction a cautionary tale of ‘austerity’

News of the unexpected fourth quarter contraction of the British economy, thanks to the Herbert Hoover strategery of its ruling conservatives, should be a cautionary tale for American conservatives who want to emulate the economic strategy of “austerity.” The question … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush’s endless war on unions **UPDATE**

Just to be clear: Jeb Bush hates unions … teachers unions, police unions, firefighters unions … basically any brand or form of public employee union that exists in nature.

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Florida clicks: fun with David and Marco, Jeb says dump pensions, and flaming pianos

We catch up with the media’s favorite freshman Senator, one-man American mosaic Marco Rubio, and his best pal David Rivera, whose life is on, well, another trajectory…

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