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Read this: go ahead, repeal healthcare reform … on one condition

Brilliant piece by Matt Miller in the Washington Post, on the deal President Obama should offer Republicans, and why they’d never take him up on it.

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White House ‘Hu’ State dinner guest list: Zbig, Amanpour, Chris Christie, and …. Jackie Chan!

Other notable guests who made the cut: Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs (don’t sit too close to him in case of, you know… lightning bolts … Jamie Dimon (wonder if he’ll whine if President Obama doesn’t hug him enough…) the … Continue reading

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Hate the vitriol? Beck says blame ‘The Simpsons’

The last sentence of a Huffington Post write-up of Glenn Beck’s “Today” interview simply can’t be beat.

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Allen West condemns Palestinians for … flying their own flag?

Perhaps if instead of flying it over their building, they’d instead worn the flag as a nifty bandanna…?

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Isn’t this a lovely day to pretend to repeal healthcare reform?

So … House Republicans will hold have held their big “repeal the job-killingcrushing bruising healthcare law” vote today. (Spoiler alert: it passed!) And how HOW doin?

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