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Caption the Kissingers’ state dinner arrival

The Kissingers arrive at the White House state dinner … and somehow I’m hearing a creepy soundtrack…

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Florida follies: Rod Smith ‘unofficially’ (meaning officially) endorses in a primary **UPDATE 2**

Rod Smith has only been chairman of the Florida Democratic Party for a little under two weeks and he’s already meeting my expectations. His latest gambit: endorsing a candidate in a Democratic primary, and apparently not realizing that as chairman, … Continue reading

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(Video) Flashbacks: JFK’s inaugural address (1961) Obama’s (2008)

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was inaugurated president of the United States. And two years ago, Barack Obama took the same oath of office. Here are both addresses in full, plus some bonus links after the jump.

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Elections have consequences: Rick Scott adoptions stance, appointee spark worries

Florida Governor Gollum Rick Scott says adoptions should be reserved for married couples. And since in Florida, only “opposite marriage” is legal, gay rights groups are now gearing up for a fight.

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The four most important tables from the NBC/WSJ poll

President Obama’s poll bounce is significant, even if the GOP pollster involved in conducting it predicts/hopes it will be temporary. But four tables in the poll seem to indicate that the fact of the recovery is finally taking hold with … Continue reading

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P.M. Clicks: Ready … Set … Bounce!

The dress was by the late designer Alexander McQueen (and of course, the wingers hated it) — and the White House state dinner was packed with star power, but light on Republicans. Still, a good time was had by all … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: ‘both sides’ aren’t fueling violent rhetoric

Today’s column is a rebuttal to my crowd — the media’s — “this-a-way-that-a-way” machine, which insists on allowing the right to pretend there’s nothing particularly special about their political discourse. 

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