And Happy Birthday, gorgeous: Michelle Obama turns 47. Her best style pics

Michelle Obama shares her 2011 birthday with Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday

Not only is today MLK Day, it’s also Michelle Obama’s birthday. The first lady got surprised (and was embarrassed) at a King Day celebration this morning, which she attended with the president and their kids. But indeed, today is also her day. So happy birthday to a personal role model, a true style icon, and a woman of whom I am an unabashed fan. Some of my favorite MOBama looks after the jump.

Barack and Michelle wedding photo

Michelle’s Vogue cover from 2009:

Michelle Obama: Vogue shoot, 2009

Michelle during the 2008 campaign.

Then candidate, Sen. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama do the infamous "fist bump" (sorry, Fox News) at an election night rally in St. Paul, MN on June 3, 2008. Michelle's dress is by Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Inauguration Day: January 18, 2009 in Washington, DC. The outfit Michelle wore to the "We Are One" Obama Inaugural Celebration At The Lincoln Memorial

The official Inauguration Day dress, by Isabel Toledo.

Michelle's official White House portrait, featuring the now famous "bare arms." The dress is by Michael Kors.

Michelle in the East Wing. Photo from the Los Angeles Times

Michelle welcomes Stevie Wonder to the White House in February 2009, and sports a fabulous emerald dress designed by Kai Milla, Stevie Wonder's wife.

With the first gentleman

With Sasha and Malia at the Democratic convention, in color coordinated dresses. Michelle's is by designer Maria Pinto.

MOBama on "The View." The inexpensive dress, by designer Donna Ricco, subsequently flew off the shelves.

With the ladies of "The View"

Michelle rocking J. Crew (to the benefit of their catalog sales)

More MOBama casual chic

With equally gorgeous French first lady Carla Bruni

A great dress in a great color.

The TIME 100 pic: in black sleeveless.

And last, but not least:

Michelle Obama's flowing Peter Soronen gown and Jimmy Choo sandals. Fabulous.

If you’re a fashion junkie and want to follow Michelle Obama’s latest styles, here’s the place to go: If you know any of the designers whose names I missed, put them in comments.

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11 Responses to And Happy Birthday, gorgeous: Michelle Obama turns 47. Her best style pics

  1. hilda banks says:

    Beautiful pictures. She is gorgeous and so refined. Just a joy to have as our first lady. With all of the things on his plate I am so proud of President and Mrs Obama. Joy, you and I know that they are held to a higher standard and the bar has been set very high for them but I am so glad that the last two months were very good for him and the speech he gave was magnificent. I will always be in their corner because I can see the big picture. The media was relentless these last two years and I believe that they played up the divisions so well. Maybe he has disappointed a lot of liberals/progressives but they will never be happy. I don’t think I ever heard Republicans talk about President Bush the way liberals/progressives have bashed President Obama. Yes, I am a Dem and I will always vote Dem but I have to pull back because I was disappointed with all the criticism coming from the left. I am glad that the first two years were breakneck and I think the next two years will be full of more accomplishments. He has to work with Repubs because he doesnot want to spend the next two years fighting but trying to get things done for the country.

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  3. Nicole says:

    Most beautiful first lady….EVER!!@

  4. Chudi ukaejiofo says:

    GOD be praised for u

  5. She is beautiful, strong, intelligent, and extremely passionate about her life, and whats most important in her life. Most definitely one of the most enigmatic first ladies we have every had.

  6. pm says:

    she is is a trend setter beautiful sophisticated intelligent and definitely definitely
    a great first lady

  7. em says:

    enemies of progress shush

  8. Bulyaba says:

    I love her style. She always makes a positive fashion statement.

  9. Kiran Roy says:

    She is more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai. And her daughters look like karishma & Karieena

  10. Rosa Rocha says:

    Ms.Barack Obama and Lady Michelle My congratulation. Rosa Rocha. Portugal.

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