Isn’t this a lovely day to pretend to repeal healthcare reform?

So … House Republicans will hold have held their big “repeal the job-killingcrushing bruising healthcare law” vote today. (Spoiler alert: it passed!) And how HOW doin?

For starters, when you’ve got to insist you’re not going to snatch back grandma’s $250 drug gap check, as Eric Cantor did yesterday, you’re probably not on shaky ground. And when AHIP isn’t with you, and frankly, the public isn’t either, that’s not a good look.

But the biggest question in my mind today is, why would the GOP want to kick off a long, drawn out conversation about healthcare, after accusing Democrats of putting a long, drawn out conversation about healthcare ahead of the prime directive: namely, jobs?

The mind reels.

Republicans say the vote is just a start, and that they intend to bleed healthcare reform like a stuck pig. They also insist they’re going to “replace’ it with … well … they haven’t figured that out yet, but it will involve the words “across state lines” and “tort reform.” But yeah, they still plan to kick your kid off your health plan, and “repeal” means the ban on pre-existing conditions goes, too.

Happy Wednesday!

From Politico: time may be on the Democrats’ side.

Meanwhile, the Medicare actuary strikes back.

Obama says he’d veto any attempt at repeal even if it had a prayer of getting through the Senate.

And everybody’s playing nice on the Hill.

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