P.M. Clicks: the healthcare wars, Huck Finning the Constitution, birther madness and more!

Lots of good stuff out there this afternoon, so let’s get right to it.

Daley is official. But that doesn’t mean the debate over Daley is officially over. Tick-tock…

You knew this was coming.

Greg Sargent has two good ones. This post outlining the Democrats emerging strategy to battle the GOP and defend healthcare reform (more detail on the Dem planning at the NYTimes) … and this one discussing the GOP’s sanitized constitution reading today. Spoiler alert: they left out the 3/5 of a man bits…

While D.C. Republicans are planning fruitless repeal votes, and Republican attorneys general, including in Florida, are fighting healthcare reform in court, Florida’s Republican rulers are planning for a future where the law is in place — but where they’ve stripped out coverage for abortions from the insurance exchanges.

Oh, and Florida? Michelle Rhee WILL be around (though I have to be dubious about anyone who expresses “honor” at being in the presence of Rick Scott…) / Hat tip to BeachPeanuts.

BTW during the bipartisan recitation this morning, we had our first crazy birther outburst of 2011. Long may it wave. (Video at the top of the post)

A new poll finds 6 in 10 Americans rooting for the president, but a similar share of conservatives hoping the country he fails. Nice.

And now, ladies and gentlemen: the Conservative Constitution of the United States.

This might be the dumbest thing “Washington Sketchy” snark Dana Milbank has ever written. Not even sure why I’m mentioning it.

While Sketchy is taking pot shots at Pelosi, and Republicans are running from their own House rules and skittling about actually having to cut real things, Bob Gates is getting the ball rolling with … wait for it … actual budget cuts at the Pentagon. Love that guy.

Meanwhile, House Budget Czar Paul Ryan will soon hold hearings on how to gut privatize “reform” Medicare. And what do YOU think about that, Rick Scott?

Grumpy movement? McCain says he’ll do everything he can to help implement DADT repeal.

Last but not least: a real feel good story, as the golden voiced homeless guy reunites with his mom. Now that he has a job, he can really take her out on the town. Nice ending.

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