(Video) Chris Matthews’ epic Bachmann-Tea Party takedown

Words like “balloon-head” don’t get spoken often in cable news. But then again, there’s never been anything (okay, besides Sarah Palin…) like Michele Bachmann. The Congresswoman was “given the business” by Chris Matthews for an entire, hilarious, segment on Hardball in the hours before the president’s State of the Union speech. And things only got worse when Tea Party Express Founder Sal Russo was called upon to explain his group’s chosen spokeswoman for the night. Watch:

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It all started when Bachmann — who is eyeing the presidency in 2012 — gave a speech — in Iowa, no less — in which she imagined (hallucinated, maybe?) that the deified Founding Fathers pretty much took care of that whole “slavery” thing. Her money line:

we also know that the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States.’… ‘And,’ she continued, ‘I think it is high time that we recognize the contribution of our forbearers who worked tirelessly — men like John Quincy Adams, who would not rest until slavery was extinguished in the country.’

Never mind that it was John Adams (the father) not John Quincy Adams (the son) who was an actual founding father, or that the very much abolitionist Q died like, 15 years before the thing that ACTUALLY ended slavery: the Civil War (by which time ALL of the founders were very much dead.) Bachman had other strange imaginings, like an America in which, from its very founding:

“It didn’t matter the color of their skin, it didn’t matter their language, it didn’t matter their economic status.”

Yes, well tell that to the Irish, Italians, Jews, Black Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and most recently: Muslims and Arabs. Other than that? Gold!

Here’s Mediaite’s take. And check the comments underneath. New drinking game: drink every time a toooootally non-racist tea partier calls the president a “monkey…”

BTW CNN will air Bachman’s Tea Party Express response to the SOTU, and will thus step all over Paul Ryan. And that, I believe, is a very good thing.

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3 Responses to (Video) Chris Matthews’ epic Bachmann-Tea Party takedown

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  2. Flo says:

    Bachmann’s comments on slavery were rather mind-blowing, so I guess we can try “balloonhead” as an accepted description of this nut.

  3. lauging says:

    She must be in shock from Matthews beatdown because Rand Paul delivered the rebuttal on tea party express. wonder what happened to her tonight. was looking forward to her response but Rand provided some comedy so it wasn’t a complete loss.

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