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The GOP’s core political problem: actual people

Republicans have a  problem. It’s not entirely clear if they realize it yet, but it is a very real problem. And what is that problem: people can’t stand them when they actually get in power.

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Hiassen: Rick Scott on pill mills, ‘redefining crazy at least once a week’

The Miami Herald’s Carl Hiaasen punch’s Rick Scott’s ticket on his nonsensical opposition to regulating pill mills, which going forward, should probably be called “ScottShops…”

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Oops… anti-health reform states could end up with fed-written programs

An interesting paragraph from Politico’s story today about the Justice Department’s decision to seek clarification on a right wing Florida judge’s ruling against healthcare reform …

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Moody’s: House GOP spending cuts would cost 700,000 jobs

A new report calculates that if the spending plan approved by the Republican-controlled House were to be enacted, it would blow a giant hole in the economy.

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Jesus, take the wheel: Rick Scott resorting to sweepstakes, gimmicks, to boost Florida economy

Would you want to “share a little sunshine” with this face? If you’re answer is yes, you may be in luck, because apparently, in Rick Scott’s world, “let’s get to work” means “let’s get the governor a travel break and … Continue reading

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Money for nothing? Florida Senate president Haridopolos’ sweet book deal

Based on his latest scandal, Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos shouldn’t just run for Bill Nelson’s seat. He should simultaneously aim for the House of Representatives and the United States Supreme Court.

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Today’s Herald column: Miami’s ethnic brew

I’m sharing column real estate with my editor, Myriam Marquez today, having gotten a rare shot at a Sunday. This week’s topic: ethnic relations in Miami, always a hot topic, though rarely in mixed company. BTW I got some great … Continue reading

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Politics at the water’s edge? McCain and Lieberman conduct parallel foreign policy on Libya

John McCain and Joe Lieberman gave interviews to U.S. media outlets during a trip to Egypt Sunday, in which the two neoconservative Senators seemed to be conducting their own foreign policy; criticizing the president from foreign soil, calling on him … Continue reading

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FunnyOrDie: Sarah Palin’s month without media coverage

Hat tip to the “Chris Matthews Show” which played this today. Best part: when Palin figures out how many days are in February. Brilliant! Sarah Palin Media Addict from Gina Gershon

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*UPDATE: Roger Ailes to be indicted? Judith Regan tapes could spell trouble for Fox chief

Last week’s bombshell report about Roger Ailes asking publisher Judith Regan to lie to investigators about an affair with NYC police chief Bernie Kerik, in order to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential bid, could soon produce another headline: Roger Ailes indicted.

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