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Carl Bernstein on the Egyptian succession, and what the White House isn’t saying

According to reporter Carl Bernstein, the Obama administration is maneuvering to leave Hosni Mubarak in place for a time, but render him powerless, and to prevent an even worse guy from taking his place.

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No Gipper, no cry?

Yes, yes, we’re all required to think a lot about Ronald Reagan this weekend (and my god, there’ll be no living with Joe Scarborough next week…) But Christopher Hitchens dares to ponder whether the world would have been better off … Continue reading

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Bush can’t go to Geneva (and other consequences of torture)

Last year, when Boris Johnson, the mayor of London rather bluntly told former U.S. president George W. Bush to not bother making that city part of his book tour, constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley — a continuing advocate for prosecuting those … Continue reading

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FLORIDA ALERT: Please help find 11 YO Octavius, RT and blog!

Police in Miami (Miami-Dade County) are asking for the public’s help finding a missing child. If you’re in South Florida and have seen him, please contact police. His name is Octavius Howell and he’s just 11 years old. A little … Continue reading

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Everything I know about Glenn Beck and Fox News I learned from watching ‘Network’

A news operation stripped down to its entertainment essentials … brightly colored showbiz and emotion-churning, paranoid pschyodrama masquerading as news … a basic disrespect for journalism … even a female Roger Ailes. I finally watched the 1976 movie “Network” last … Continue reading

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