**UPDATE: Americans for Prosperity at CPAC: ‘Take the unions out at the knees’

This morning on NPR, reporter Peter Overby narrated a package that told the plain truth about what the Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity is up to in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states with newly elected tea party governors. 

From the NPR piece:

The Koch brothers provided the seed money for Americans for Prosperity a decade ago — and more than $1 million overall.

“Five years ago, my brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity,” David Koch said at an AFP rally in 2009. “And it’s beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown into this enormous organization.”

At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference last month, AFP staffer Scott Hagerstrom advised grass-roots organizers on spreading the message about public-sector unions. He said the effort needs to get past the usual legislative fights, with their split-the-difference outcomes.

“We fight these battles on taxes and regulations, but really what we would like to see is to take the unions out at the knees, so they don’t have the resources to fight these battles,” he said.

The public unions are among the biggest, most reliable donors to Democrats. Not even a couple of free-spending billionaires could match the unions’ political contributions. But public records show the Kochs giving more than $17 million between 1997 and 2008 to groups involved in the campaign against unions, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which promotes legislation targeting private-sector unions. …

But Scott Walker, who takes David Koch’s calls, when he thinks that’s whose on the phone, and who got $43,000 from Kochworld, says his fight is not about union-busting.

Read and listen to the story here.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress has an expanded version (I’ll give them a pass on nicking my headline…) and this handy video:

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  2. I for one will enjoy living in an Upton Sinclair novel in my dotage.

  3. jreid says:

    As will we all… :)

  4. “Are there no workhouses?” Oh, wait, that was Dickens.

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