ICYMI: (Video) Whiney, Whiney Jamie Dimon

If you missed “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on Sunday, first of all, shame on you. This is far and away the best of the Sunday shows, some of which have been reduced to “hack vs. hack” — with the same tired Senators trotted out week after week until you want to gouge your eyes out. But the real reason to watch Fareed, besides the refreshingly international flavor of the show, are the interesting interviews with Americans you don’t see every Sunday. Case in point: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, former FOB (friend of Barack) … and recently, one of the biggest and loudest of the many whiners on Wall Street. Watch as Dimon pushes back on the notion that Wall Street bears any blame for the Great Recession, or deserves the hatred of the public for rewarding itself afterward with big, fat bonuses. You know, like the bonuses paid to Jamie Dimon. Watch, courtesy of the folks at Crooks and Liars (go figure!):

Dimon’s best whines after the jump.

The JP Morgan Chase CEO was once dubbed “Obama’s favorite banker,” and was even rumored to be his pick for Treasury secretary back in 2008. But as the administration moved closer to getting financial regulatory reform through Congress, things went south. Apparently, Dimon’s gripes with the POTUS stem from his feelings of personal vilification, and a sense that Obama isn’t being nice enough to bankers … (snicker) … and is blaming them for the economic crash they caused (ahem). Here are some of Jamie’s best Cecil B. DeMile moments:

1. Don’t tax us, bro! Dimon hates the bank tax.

2. Where is the love? – Dimon moans that all banks are not bad banks.

3. Damn, damn, damn! – Dimon fires off op eds, and admits his feelings were hurt.

4. I never liked you anyway, Obama! - Dimon denies their bromance every happened.

5. The southern strategy - After Obama ripped into “fat cat bankers” on 60 Minutes, Dimon whinges that “President Lincoln could have denigrated the south … he didn’t.” Seriously.

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