Morning clicks: Rahm wins, heathcare reform ruled constitutional, Buju convicted, and Big Oil flees Libya

As if there was ever any doubt about who would be Chi-town’s next mayor

In the end, it wasn’t even close.

Another big story that got lost in the news cycle Tuesday: a federal judge in D.C. ruled the healthcare overhaul constitutional, dismissing the conservative arguments against it as “ignoring reality.” Look for the right to dismiss the ruling, because it comes from Washington D.C.

Also CNN is reporting that Americans plan to begin evacuating citizens out of Libya by ferry on Wednesday morning. The alert went out at around 11 p.m. Tuesday, though questions remained about whether the Libyan government would allow the ferry to dock.

You know who has already quit the shores of Tripoli? American oil and chemical giants, who just a few years ago, when the Bush administration took Gaddafi’s personal insane asylum off the terrorism list were lining up to do business. Thank you, Google cache, for this handy list of now fleeing culprits … I mean business whizzes:

US-Libya Business Association


Dow Chemical
Midrex Technologies
United Gulf Construction
White & Case LLP


Hess Corporation
Marathon Oil Corporation
Occidental Petroleum

In other international news, North Korea is starving, and the closed dictatorship is growing so desperate, it’s actually begging for foreign help.

Back in the States: attention Florida blue hairs – your congressman, Allen West? Still crazy.

Here’s one that won’t surprie you: Rick Scott mayhave already broken the law, by selling the state plane.

And Grammy winning reggae artist Buju Banton has been convicted on drug conspiracy charges. He faces 15 years to life in prison. Damn.

In lighter news, remember formerly homeless voice talent Ted Williams? You know the drill. He’s getting a reality show.

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2 Responses to Morning clicks: Rahm wins, heathcare reform ruled constitutional, Buju convicted, and Big Oil flees Libya

  1. Sequana says:

    As a Chicago citizen, I am not happy with the pic you chose of Rahm. You’re already disrespecting our new mayor. I think that pic is from almost three years ago at the Inauguration.

    Mayor Emmanuel will be good for our city.

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