Have some pork with that tea … Allen West press release touts: spending!

Allen West: the crazy that keeps on giving...

If you thought Allen West was AGAINST federal government spending, think again. He’s only against federal spending by Democrats…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: all politicians really do is go to Washington (or their state capitol) and bring back money for the locals. That’s it. In a nutshell. So a Congressman without earmarks is like a tea partyer without a Hitler mustache Obama.

And with that, here’s what’s new from the inbox:

Congressman Allen West Announces $21 Million Grant to Build
Fort Lauderdale Airport Runway

(WASHINGTON) — Congressman Allen West (FL-22) announces today the award of a $21 million dollar Federal grant to the Fort Lauderdale –Hollywood International Airport to be used towards the construction of a much needed, second commercial runway.

The runway project will generate at least 11,000 jobs and be complete in the fall of 2014 with an estimated budget of $791 million.

The additional runway will ease air traffic delays, which in turn, will encourage more visitors to our community and bring an influx of business to the hotel, restaurant and growing cruise industry.

“We’re very glad that Congressman West was able to help us make this happen,” Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Director Kent George said. “We are one of the most delay-prone airports in the country, and this funding is critical to our ability to serve the millions of passengers that come through our doors every year.”

Congressman West worked with the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport through the grant process to ensure the funds would be allocated to the runway project.

“This runway is long awaited and much anticipated,” West said. “At this crucial time for our economy, it is imperative that we encourage this kind of development, which will bring thousands of jobs with it and boost tourism – South Florida’s number one economic engine.”

The Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport is ranked among the top 25 airports in the United States, servicing more than 21 million passengers.

Counter to the national trend, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has experienced 18 consecutive months of passenger growth since September 2009. It is ranked as one of the fastest growing major airport hubs in the country.

Well how to explain that? Here’s what West’s office told the St. Pete Times:

It’s not unusual for politicians to “announce” federal funding, even if projects got rolling long before they were in office. But West was among the ardent anti-government spending, pro-private sector Republicans elected in November. His office has noted that the airport money does not come from the massive stimulus package passed under President Obama.

West’s office pointed out the money comes from a trust fund filled with fees on airline tickets, and emphasized that he does not oppose all government spending, just wasteful spending.

Translation: Allen West – as bedbug crazy as he is – is a politician. And if he wants to get re-elected (which all politicians do) he has to bring home the bacon.


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6 Responses to Have some pork with that tea … Allen West press release touts: spending!

  1. AMEN! But if we ALL start paying closer attention, we can change them. Not that confident we will, but we can.

  2. And we're supposed to be surprised because? Thanks for pointing out the fact that despite all the noise, all politicians are, at their core, the same.

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  4. heidelja says:

    This guy must be taking private lessons for Tea Party exaggerated rhetoric from Florida’s goofie “GOP” Goofernor Scooter, or mightit bethe other way around by “saying the runway project ‘will generate at least 11,000 jobs’ by 2014 and cost $791 million”? Scooters claim that spending a mere $77M for dredging the Port of Miami will create 31,000 jobs! But, REALLY, $791 million for a runaway? THIS IS MORE – $187M MORE – THAN THE $607M PORT OF MIAMI TUNNEL WILL COST THAT SCOOTER IS OBVIOUSLY FOR! Where IS he NOW calling for “a thorough review of the financial impact it could have on Florida’s taxpayers”? Certainly not interested to do so by being a crony who flies around in his own private jet!


  5. heidelja says:

    Or could it be that the dirt dug out for the port of Maimi Tunnel and port dredging will be sold and trucked 26 miles to Ft Laudardale to be used as the fill necessary to buid the six-story high runway and this necessary transportation of earth is the significant portion of the $791M for its construction? And, in turn, the runway project is susidizing the tunnel project?

  6. Craig says:

    I am not a big fan of West’s big mouth but in this case, if the money came from a fund that comes from airline ticket fees, what exactly would the money be used for otherwise?

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